Floor Plans - Tremendous Ways it can Improve your Property Listings

06/09/2018 Selling

You must have heard of the floor plans that come with the property listings at all those realtors’ websites.!

An Insight of Developments & Top Housing Societies in Gwadar City

29/08/2018 Investing

Gwadar has been the eye candy of both domestic and international investors ever since the China Pakistan Economic Corridor was established. The modern construction, high returns on investment, and rapid development are some of the reasons why the investors have invested a lot of amount in the city. Without a doubt, Gwadar real estate is one of the most stable markets in the entire region.

The Future of Real Estate Market in Pakistan

21/08/2018 Investing

Previous years were considered as the booming years for real estate in Pakistan. High commercial and residential values of different areas took real estate to heights as it raised the prices of different lands than their actual cost. The rapid changing of lands into societies and growth of developing areas into developed schemes proved it a rational market. But in 2017 there came a gap in the real estate of Pakistan which continued till 2018. At present the market is going low persistently with the ups and downs in different sectors of real estate. Investors undergo the delayed possession, growth of certain commercial and residential projects facing downswing and low activity level in the field of real estate which has affected the market on a large scale.

Easy Ways to Clean Your Home before an Event!

16/08/2018 Lifestyle

Since cleanliness is half the faith, everyone wants their house to be cleaned, tidy and want it to look as presentable as possible for themselves and for the people visiting their place.

25th July – The Day to Mark New Beginnings for Pakistan

20/07/2018 Lifestyle

With more than 12,000 candidates competing, Pakistan is all set to hold General Elections on 25th July 2018. It is our national duty to vote – for the better future of Pakistan and making our voices heard in the provincial and national assemblies.

Top Residential Apartment Projects in Lahore

19/07/2018 Buying

Less budget, the dream of owning a home, and secure environment are three of the biggest reasons why people prefer living in an apartment. Although living in a separate home has its own charm, an apartment also provides the equivalent level of comfort if you utilize the space well.

Four Easy Ways to Upgrade the Safety of Your House

16/07/2018 Home Inspirations

A lot of us are casual about the security of the house. We only lock our house when we go to bed. Many of us have no alarms at home and no neighborhood watch exists in our communities anymore. We are sharing some expert tips to keep your home safe and sound.

Top Reasons to live in Bahria Town, Lahore

11/07/2018 Area Guide

Are you also looking for a house for sale in Bahria Town? If not, you should, because there are many reasons to live in this aesthetically developed and peaceful area. It happens to be one of the pioneer societies that brought the basic amenities inside the confines of the society.

Upload Properties on ilaan.com – A Step by Step Guide

28/05/2018 How to

With the growing popularity of online property portals, more and more realtors are opting towards utilizing the digital channels to advertise their property listings!

Top Reasons Why House Lease Financing is a Good Option

26/04/2018 Leasing

Leasing a home was once believed to be a less desirable option, but the perception is changing!

3 Things that will Support Real Estate Growth in Pakistan

23/04/2018 Investing

Pakistan real estate has always been unpredictable because of the lack of policies and regulations.

FDIs in Pakistan Real Estate

20/04/2018 Investing

FDIs (Foreign Direct Investments) are the investments made across the countries. This means that an individual or a company in one country invests in the business or project set up in another country.