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Constructing the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

07 Jul 2022
Constructing the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Using the kitchen during the peak summer months can certainly be a menace, which is can be made worse if your kitchen has poor airflow. Outdoor kitchens remove this conundrum by providing usable kitchen space with ample airflow! Added to that, it’s readily usable, (except for daytime during the summer months) during all the different weather especially if you live in a tropical country. The smoldering heat spell of the summer has been broken by the refreshing gust of monsoon rains also set up the perfect background for the use of an outdoor kitchen! Added to that, the best thing about an outdoor kitchen is that, less is more! So, whether or not you have thousands to splurge on, the kitchen will still be enough.

Have Ample Comfortable Seating

If you’re ready to invest in an outdoor kitchen, then investing in better seating would be a good option. The idea of eating uncomfortably due to a lack of proper seating can greatly diminish the entire pleasant experience. However, investing in better seating does not mean you are required to buy a lavish, ornate wooden dining table, since a plastic one can get the job just as well done.

After buying the table which suits your needs, it is advisable to have a plan for the off-season. Decide if it will be better to simply move the table inside the house, or if covering it also works. Added to that, the kind of table you’ll buy will require different kinds of maintenance techniques to protect it from the elements.

Upgrade Your Grill

If you’re by chance already in possession of a grill, then it is better to ensure that it’s properly working. Added to that, checking if any maintenance work is required, and if so then it is better to get it out of the way since it can create conundrums later on.

If you don’t already have a grill, then it is better to know what exactly your needs and requirements are. The size of the grill you’ll be investing in is directly proportional to the number of people you’ll be feeding. The budget is also a deciding factor (obviously) however buying a grill to feed a soccer team would be a little excessive for two people.

Add the Extras

The possibilities for the custom additions you could add to your outdoor kitchen are infinite. Want a prep sink? Mini fridge? Ice machine? Built-in smoker? You can get it. Since this is your own kitchen, customizing it in any way works however you need to be careful about the amount of space available. It is better to keep the kitchen spacious so you have ample space to move around, so make sure the custom additions are installed properly at their designated spots.

Make it Comfortable

Now that all your custom additions have been dealt with, it is time to start adding the commodities which will help you achieve maximum coziness. Anything which can help you relax and feel cozy is invited. You could shift a sofa outside under the awning, or pergola and set up speakers which you have been storing in the corner of your room. Added to that, if possible, a T.V or a projector will be perfect as well!

Apart from that, setting up ample shade will not only protect you from the uninvited UV but will also help make sure that a sense of privacy and security is established.

Keeping your seating close to your house can also benefit you since it will allow you to take advantage of the porch or the already present awning. The awning or pergola will help utilize the already present lighting during the night while also providing shade during the day.

Also, the addition of an outdoor fireplace can help you utilize your outdoor kitchen even during the freezing cold winters. The crackling fire will provide you with ample warmth while helping contribute to the cozy factor of an outdoor kitchen!

Customize the Space According to Your Own Style

If you’re utilizing a pre-existing space, then it is important to uplift all the existing features. The pre-existing color scheme needs to be kept in mind as well since staying within that boundary can help make everything seem a lot more defined and put together. Don’t let that stop you from creating an outdoor space that is in accordance with your style and taste.

If you’re confused about the placement of items, it is good to take a quick stroll inside your house to get an idea of how to place an item that seems out of place.

Own the Space

Once you’re comfortable with the setting of the outdoor kitchen, take a quick glance at everything and see if what you see represents you. This is supposed to be a space you can relax in after a long day of work or a space you can confide in to escape from everything.

So when decorating this space, make sure that you add in certain luxuries which can help you actually enjoy spending your time there even if you’re alone. Add fairy lights, candles, or net curtains alongside the awnings. If you’re in the mood to go over the top, then you could even get a wood-burning pizza oven. The possibilities are unlimited!


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