Prime Minister Hopeful that Government Housing Scheme will lead to Economic Recovery

Islamabad: The mega project of the construction of five million houses will be a kick- start from Gwadar to be beneficial for the poor fishermen and after that commence in Peshawar along with other parts of the country to provide affordable housing units to the low-income groups in Pakistan, stated by the Prime Minister (PM) of Pakistan.

Imran Khan, the PM spoke at the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) amidst the government of Pakistan, the UNOPS (United Nations Office for Project Services) and the SHS (Sustainable Housing Solutions) on the Naya Pakistan Housing Program.

Imran Khan has termed the financial as well as the technical assistance from the UNOPS and the SHS as a landmark development for the country. The project is expected to accelerate the wheels of the economy of the country by overcoming the shortage of housing units, along with creating numerous job opportunities.

Prime Minister has further added that the government is making efforts to bring about an economic turnaround at the earliest. The national economy has already suffered a lot due to plunders over the last few decades.

PM of Pakistan has noted the UNOPS financial assistance will utilize local labors and the local material, that will be directly benefiting 40 industries allied with the construction the sector of the country. He further explained that the construction of the housing units will bolster the economic condition of the country and will also bring expertise in the construction sector, along with encouraging the educated youth to come up with small to bigger companies and entrepreneurs to enter the construction sector.

This signed MoU is going to be the latest in the UNOPS Social Impact Investment Initiative (S3I) that has also been working on such similar projects in Kenya, Ghana, the Caribbean Islands, and India.