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31 Dec 2019 Year-End Review: Bidding Farewell to 2019 with Countless Achievements Year-End Review: Bidding Farewell to 2019 with Countless Achievements

It’s almost curtains for 2019 and we are about to step into the 20th year of the 21st century. This has been a landmark year with countless accolades and substantial growth. A company that started with a vision has come a long way with a presence in three important cities. This year also marked the two years of our operations within the real estate sector and it is nothing but so heartwarming to see appreciation pouring in from all the real estate associations and agencies we work with. Let’s get you back in time to rejoice what unfolded this year before we bid farewell to it.

Launching Projects

What started as a vision, came to life in a short period of time. From the advertising of property listings, moved one step forward and launched the marketing of real estate projects in August 2018. Out of all other achievements, this was the biggest because it represents the trust clients have on us and speaks volumes of our ambition to serve the real estate community. At the start of 2018, CEO Mian Omer had this vision to take forward and he lived up to his vision while the rest of the team followed. From just 1 project, there are now 11 projects listed on while many more are in the pipeline that will be added to the portfolio in the coming year.

Presence in South Punjab

During 2018, opened its third branch in Bahawalpur – the City of Nawabs – and cemented its presence in the South Punjab region. The tough task of introducing the dealers to was well handled by our team manager in Bahawalpur Ammar Hashmi. The dealers were not ready to accept another property portal in the region because of the misstatements made by the earlier ones in the area. However, regular meetings and sessions convinced them that was different.

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Speaking about the challenge Ammar says, “In the mid of 2018, opened its 3rd office in Bahawalpur. Although it was challenging, we never backed off. In a small period of time, we have done a lot of work here in Bahawalpur also arranged a successful event on the Future of DHA in Bahawalpur. Because of our presence in Bahawalpur, our competitors have also started regular visits to the maximum number of Property Dealers in Bahawalpur.”

Team Growth and Introduction of New Policies

Besides the external factors, 2018 was a happening year for internally as well. This year saw some major changes in the managerial hierarchy being implemented from the HR Manager Arooj Shahid. New policies for employee performance appraisal and benefits were implemented besides others to curb employee turnover rate. HR Manager Arooj Shahid says, “We are not just a company with employees, we are a family – a family on a mission to do great things for the real estate domain. Through this company, we want to provide a platform for young and energetic candidates to utilize their best abilities and make a fortune for themselves.”

“This year, we also expanded our sales team and established new departments to cover the aspects that were previously not being covered that effectively”, says Arooj Shahid. “The ideology of CEO Mian Omer to have the world-class team onboard is what we think of every time while hiring new talent in the company. Our sales team has expanded this year and is doing a great job in their respective cities.”

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Penetration in the City of Lights

Started with just one member, Mahvash Khan (Operations Manager Karachi), team has grown substantially in Karachi covering over 85% of the city. There are a lot of people to be credited for this amazing growth but Mahvash Khan has to be top in line for her hard work and effective measures. Within just a small period of time of our presence, we have partnered with some of the major real estate associations, successfully organized grand events of real estate awareness, sponsored events, and contributed to the well-being of the real estate community.

Giving all the credit of her hard work to the CEO Mian Omer, Mahvash Khan says, “I was hired as a single person in Karachi and in the initial days, I had to work from home. Initially, I had doubts about the company making it big in such a big city. But the way Mian Omer supported me and motivated me to go extra miles is just exemplary. It was a challenge to start off as a single person in Karachi but we accepted it and a company that people hardly knew about, has now penetrated into more than 85% of the area.”

“Not just real estate associations, we are now also collaborating with Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce for different programs, the details of which will be revealed soon”, continues Mahvash. “We all are following the vision of our CEO and just because our leader is so energetic, we as a team carry that same level of energy with focus on the bigger picture of what we do”, said Mahvash while giving a special mention to the CEO on how he keeps every member of the team fully motivated.

Growing Trust of Clients

For every company, the existing clients hold more value than the newer ones. Although we equally value our clients, it is so heartwarming to see that this year, the renewals were more than 70%. This high proportion of clients showed their continuous support and trust in our services. Since day one, has been on a mission to serve the real estate community in the best way possible and doing everything possible in its capacity to uplift the careers of the stakeholders of the real estate sector. Besides the existing clients, 2019 also proves to be a stepping stone for new relationships and bonds. A special mention to the management committee of DEFCLAREA who continued to partner with us in all their events and appreciating our efforts in every step.

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Sponsoring Major Events

Besides our own events, has also sponsored some major events in the country in the likes of Build Asia and LIFT Pakistan. These events related to the promotion of new businesses in the economy. We have always believed in the growth of our country and new businesses could mean new employment opportunities and better GDP of the country.

Message from the CEO

Happy New Year to everyone and especially the family.

We are now stepping into 2020 and the momentum we gained this year would be carried into the next year. Step by step, we have grown into one of the most robust companies in Pakistan, especially in the real estate domain. We have earned the trust and respect of the real estate community for one simple reason—we have great people. They are experts in their fields. They bring a strong service ethos to everything they do. They take pride and ownership in the jobs they do. We bring passion, pride, and experience together. We have made it easier for people to look for properties from the comfort of their homes without travelling long distances. We have only one objective: to ensure our clients' mission objectives are achieved with the highest level of capability and assurance.

It’s important for us to use our time wisely and move forward as decisively and swiftly as we can in 2020. That will only be possible with your continued dedication and teamwork. Primarily in your own business, but equally across the whole group. The new year will mark new beginnings and new opportunities for growth as we embark on another chapter of our journey.

Let’s all avail them and collectively work for the customers.

Mian Omer

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2020 from all of us at

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