organized Mango Mania in Lahore-2019

To celebrate the launching of marketing of projects, organized Mango Mania in Lahore and Karachi branches. Mango Mania in Lahore had the typical Lahori flavor with energized crowd, great food, and live music. Tanseer Daar from the legendary Karavan Band graced the event with his presence. There were lots of mango dishes, the staff was dressed in yellow and everybody had a great time. The bloggers and vloggers greatly appreciated the business idea of, enjoyed the food, and congratulated the management on their grand achievement. 

Operations manager Mian Sheraz and Tanseer Daar from Karavan Band cut the cake to end the event on a high. The management also distributed certificates among the bloggers and vloggers. 

Scroll the pictures to get an idea of what unfolded at the event.