ilaan.com Completes 1 Successful Year in Karachi – Several Achievements Unlocked

(September – 2019) Team ilaan.com is proud to announce that we have successfully completed one year in the city of lights Karachi and scored significant achievements. Within this small time period, ilaan.com has managed to create an identity of its own and the trust of realtors and users signify this claim.

Started with just one member, ilaan.com family is now over 25 members only in Karachi with more expansion on the cards very soon. A big challenge was to establish the trust of the agencies to get on board with us but our product and sales team managed it extremely well. It is because of their hard work that today we have 201 agencies on board and over 30,000 listings.

Getting such a huge number of agencies on board was not a minor task. This was achieved after organizing several open house sessions and meet and greet events all across Karachi where the queries and concerns of the realtors were addressed comprehensively. These open house sessions and meet and greet events allowed the realtors to know more in detail about ilaan.com and gain trust on the portal. Establishing trust is always a tough task but our team pulled it off quite elegantly.

Team ilaan.com also managed to organize 3 successful tournaments in close collaboration with the organizers including DEFCLAREA Super League that was attended by Governor Sindh Imran Ismaeel as well, who also appreciated the work ilaan.com is doing in the city for the betterment of the real estate sector.

Within this time period, ilaan.com has the credit of being associated with 3 high profile real estate associations including DEFCLAREA, RPL, and NNAREA. To add to the list of achievements, ilaan.com is now the only real estate portal in Karachi having covered over 85% of the city in just a small period of time. Floats advertising is also one of the noteworthy proceedings ilaan.com has conducted to spread awareness about the platform.
Not only this, but ilaan.com has also managed to secure the marketing of 3 real estate projects including Abu-ul-Qasim Mall & Residency, Ahmed Fountain View Apartments, and Safari Vista. All these projects are 100% verified and approved by the concerned authorities.

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Speaking of this journey, Operations Manager ilaan.com Mahvash Khan said, “All of this has been made possible because of the hard work our team has put in within their respective domains and departments. In this year and onwards, we are looking to spread our wings in the remaining parts of the city and collaborate with more real estate associations to ensure that we can collectively make this sector a highly rewarding one for our country.”