ilaan.com Organized Annual Sports Gala to Promote a Healthy Work Environment

(Lahore – December 2018) ilaan.com along with partner companies organized the Annual Sports Gala – a two-day event to use sports as a medium of promoting a healthy work environment

As part of the Annual Sports Gala, different sports were played including cricket, badminton, tug of war, and football. The departmental teams actively took part in the sports gala and showcased their talent.

The Annual Sports Gala was organized as part of the culture of ilaan.com i.e. to maintain and promote a healthy work environment. Through the event, the members of different departments of the company got to know each other and enjoyed some time other than work with colleagues too. Not just the employees but the top management also participated in the games playing side-by-side with the team members to break the ice and maintain a friendly work relationship with the team. The gesture was widely appreciated by the team members and they demanded more events like these to be organized in the future frequently.

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Enjoy the highlights of the event here: