Ejaz Khan Chairman Federation of Realtors Association in Pakistan Talks About ilaan.com

(Karachi – December 2018) Ejaz Khan Chairman Federation of Realtors Association of Pakistan recently talked about how one can succeed in the real estate industry by adapting to the current trends at the same pace.

As part of our regular interview sessions, we sat down with one of the most prominent personalities of the real estate industry and discussed how success can be achieved in this field only through utilizing the right channels at the right time. “ilaan.com is a new big thing in the real estate sector. What I like the most about ilaan.com is that they are trying to bring about a positive change in the real estate world by providing solutions as per the problems faced by the realtors to cater to their requirements” said Mr. Ejaz.

The Federation of Realtors Association in Pakistan also regulates the governing bodies of Real Estate agencies across Pakistan and such words coming from the chairman holds a lot of significance.

“I value ilaan.com because they are determined to improve the way realtors used to commence their businesses. I would personally recommend fellow realtors to use the services of ilaan.com if they want to take their business to greater heights” continued Ejaz Khan.

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Ilaan.com takes great pride in serving the real estate community to the best of our abilities and believe that together we can make it more productive.