ilaan.com Continues to Grow in Karachi – Winning Acclaim from Raja Mazhar President DEFCLAREA

(Karachi - November 2018) In a remarkably short time, ilaan.com, a premium real estate website, has managed to create a name for itself and done so in a variety of ways. In fact, it would be safe to state that ilaan.com is well on its way to becoming a leading name in the industry.

After making a successful launch in Karachi earlier this year, ilaan.com is repeating its own history of achieving big milestones in a very small period of time – the same as it did in Lahore. The association of ilaan.com with DEFCLAREA  ( Defence & Clifton Association of Real Estate Agents ) – Pakistan’s largest union of real estate agents representing over 800 realtors – speaks volumes of the great work the portal has done in the city of lights.

Raja Mazhar C.E.O. Rufi Estate Corporation and President DEFCLAREA recently spoke about his journey in the real estate industry spanning almost 40 years and how he sees the role of ilaan.com in the promotion of the real estate sector in Karachi. “ilaan.com is doing an extraordinary job in the real estate sector and achieving so much in a very limited time is a commendable accomplishment. I see it as a positive sign for the industry as a whole because platforms like ilaan.com can help more realtors make it big in the future.”

“This is the digital age and in order to promote the businesses in the digital landscape, it is important to utilize the right channel which in my opinion is ilaan.com” claims Raja Mazhar. He also urged the realtors to work hard and with complete honesty because this industry gives the highest returns in terms of success and money as well. “I would suggest other realtors to use the services and facilities offered by ilaan.com because they have the latest tools and a highly supportive team to get you the digital exposure you need to survive.”


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