FBR to Tighten Noose on Smuggled Goods from the 1 st

Islamabad: As per the instructions are given by Shabbar Zaidi; the Chairman of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), the board has initiated a phased program to combat against the sale of smuggled goods in the local market of Pakistan.

As per the statement issued by the FBR officials, the special joint teams of the FBR ( Federal Board of Revenue ) will be visiting the major shopping areas, especially the large retailers, to have a check on the documents of the imported goods that are available for the sale as well as to ensure the compliance to the various requirements of the law with immediate effect from September 1, 2019.

Under the provisions of the Customs Act, 1969, the Federal Board of Revenue has the power to seek the documents for the imported goods that are available for sale to the customers from the person dealing in such goods.

As per the officials of the FBR, this act does not mean a ‘raid’ on the premises or any coercive action against the traders of the country. The sole purpose of this exercise is to ensure relevant documentation is available and the foreign goods that are available for sale are properly backed with genuine documents.

It is also defined that in case a document is not readily available at the shops or offices, the teams are going to provide adequate opportunity to the traders to submit their documents regarding their shops and office in a reasonable amount of time.

The FBR statement states that Customs (Operations) member and the Inland Revenue (Operations) the member has also been directed to effectively supervise the activities and provide complete assistance to the joint teams whenever the guidance is required.

Along with them, the Customs (Intelligence & Investigation) Director-General and Inland Revenue (Intelligence & Investigation) Director-General are also directed to constitute the joint teams.

As per the Federal Board of Revenue, the traders can lodge a complaint against the undesirable activities by the special joint teams by reporting any activity to the helpline i.e. FBR email and telephone.

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