Dealers Meet & Greet at Gourmet Restaurant

Team ilaan.com hosted Agencies Meet & Greet Session

(Lahore – March 2019) Team ilaan.com hosted 6 agencies for a Meet & Greet session as part of the open house sessions at Gourmet Restaurant in Johar Town, Lahore. All the invited agencies attended the event showing interest in the products and services of ilaan.com.

The team ilaan.com was spearheaded by the marketing manager who welcomed the guests and gave a thorough overview of the website and its features. “All the features of ilaan.com are focused on enhancing the user experience and giving all the information to the users that they require related to a certain property”, said the marketing manager.

“We have designed a system where the listings are allowed to flourish and reach a whole lot of potential buyers. This is made possible with a smart search engine that facilitates the users in their property searching process. Other than that, the features like HD photos, videos, drone coverage, floorplans, and others etc. eradicate the need to visit a certain property. Moreover, we utilize a strong digital marketing strategy that fetches the desired results.”

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The participants appreciated the idea behind ilaan.com and vowed to use the services in the future to grow their business.

The names of agencies participating in the event are:

  • Mansha Associates
  • Noor Builders
  • Singham Estate
  • Nauman Estate
  • Badar Estate
  • New Lahore Real Estate