Dealers Meet & Greet at BBQ Tonight

Introduction of ilaan at Dealers Meet & Greet Lahore

(Lahore – March 20, 2019) As part of the regular open house sessions, ilaan.com hosted a Meet & Greet session for the dealers of Lahore at BBQ Tonight. In this session, 5 agencies from different areas of Lahore were invited and the team members of ilaan.com discussed the challenges in the ever-changing real estate sector.

During the session, the need for going digital and utilizing the modern ways of promoting the business was discussed. Team ilaan.com shared why it is important for realtors to use the online channels for growing their business. As part of the event, a brief introduction of ilaan.com was shared with the realtors who appreciated the idea and praised ilaan.com for all the good work they have been doing for the promotion of the real estate business.

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The names of the agencies that attended the session are: 

  • Baber Aziz from Khalid Associates
  • Ayyaz from Al Huda Agency
  • Ahmed Saeed from Home Land Agency
  • Aqeel Abbas from Reality Estate
  • Waseem from Lahore Havailian