Celebrating 1 Year of ilaan.com – A Year of Remarkable Achievements & Unparalleled Customer Service

Pakistan’s property website, ilaan.com, is celebrating its first anniversary this month and will mark this occasion as a beacon of opportunity to introduce more features, enhance the customer experience, and identify areas where further improvement is needed.

In the past year, ilaan.com has achieved what seems impossible for any new property portal. With a growing Facebook following of more than 100,000 followers, ilaan.com boasts a strong social media presence and there is much to celebrate on other platforms as well. The previous year is full of great responses from customers, as well as, the stakeholders from the real estate industry.

Mian Omer, CEO ilaan.com said, “We have had a highly positive first year and we have learned a huge amount about the real estate sector. We are very pleased with our first year’s performance and we are now in a fantastic position for future growth. Our goal was to maintain a unique identity in the market and we take great pride in our exclusive features that make ilaan.com what it is today.”

Within just one year of its inception, ilaan.com not only made its presence felt in Lahore but also cemented its place in Karachi. There are hundreds of property listings available on the website from Lahore and Karachi. In the next few months, more properties will be added from other cities of the country as well. Besides the properties, our agency base has also grown noticeably. Here the association of ilaan.com with DEFCLAREA needs a special mention here that is huge evidence of the impact it has managed to create.

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ilaan.com acknowledges the hard work of the employees and believes that this successful first year is the result of their dedication, hard work, and commitment to serve the common objective of the company. In order to celebrate this occasion, team ilaan.com organized a trip to Azad Kashmir for its employees. Prior to leaving for the trip, a cake cutting ceremony was also arranged. The management planned to extend this celebration and a grand dinner party was also hosted for the employees.

We are committed to serving in the best possible way and believe that this first year will prove to be the foundation of so many successful years to come.