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LDA Avenue 1 Lahore Area Description

LDA Avenue 1 is located near Raiwind Road, Lahore. It offers commercial, residential plots, and houses for sale or rent. The area size varies from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal. It has all the basic amenities and other facilities for its residents. It features mosques, parks, school, healthcare centers, and other operational markets. The amazing features and amenities of this society make up for high demand for property in LDA Avenue Lahore.

The LDA Avenue Lahore is considered as one of the initial societies to have signed up the effect of the increasing positivity in the real estate market. The active buyers for real estate in LDA Avenue Lahore are the end-users. The buyers, as well as the investors, consider the property for sale or rent in LDA Avenue to be of great value which is expected to go even higher in the coming days.

From a random increase in the inquiries to the unexpected boost taped in the transaction volume for the property in LDA Avenue Lahore has increased the value for the area even more. The market response where the demand for the property for sale or rent in LDA Avenue is going up with every passing day. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the least expensive real estate society found on the Raiwind Road is LDA Avenue, so if you are looking to buy a house in the area then you should be looking for real estate in LDA Avenue Lahore.

There are various plot sizes available for anyone to buy property in LDA Avenue Lahore. Firstly, the entire society is divided into various blocks that include Block A, Block B, Block C, Block D, Block E, Block F, Block G, Block H, Block J, Block K, Block L, and Block M. The plot sizes vary from 1 Kanal to 10 Marla. Majority of the houses or the plot sizes that you will find in LDA Avenue are from moderate to big. You wouldn’t be able to find very small plots in the society as the lodging is made in a way that accumulates for bigger houses.

If you look at the prices for LDA Avenue, you will find a various property in LDA Avenue starting from Rs. 2 Lacs to Rs. 10 Lacs. The rates vary with the various plot sizes and then it comes to location too. If you want to have a prime location then you would have to pay for a higher amount because the main locations are subjected to many high prices. There are various plots in the LDA Avenue which are in lawsuits, however,  there is soft litigation that indicates LDA has personal belonging of the land. For such pieces of land that are in soft lawsuits, the buyers are required to sign an affidavit that they know the status of the plot. They are bound by the means of this file to not hold the LDA responsible for how the matter is resolved in the court relating to the status of such land. The rates of these plots are much affordable than clear plots.

You should always consult an expert real estate agent who can save you from all the hassle while you are buying a property for sale or rent in LDA Avenue Lahore.

Compared to 1Kanal plots, the need for the 10 Marla plot is much higher. For every two 1 Kanal plots sold, the number of the 10 Marla plots move to 8 plots. The majority of the purchases are up for the 10 Marla plots and the owners also want to start with the construction of the houses. While buying a 1 Kanal plot will have a longer-term plan and would also delay the construction of your house.

The demand for the 10 Marla plots have been really high in the Block D, Block J, and Block M while the 1 Kanal plots are being sold more in the Blocks H and Block F. It will take some time for the LDA Avenue to complete the development of the entire blocks with the house being fully constructed in every block or the possessed blocks. LDA Avenue provides for a safe and secure environment for the residents. is the largest real estate portal where you can find houses or property for sale or rent in LDA Avenue Lahore. We provide you with the most up-to-date information on the availability of properties for sale and properties for rent in society. Commercial properties for sale are also available through various investment plans. Get the residential and commercial properties for sale that fit your pocket through the best property portal. You can also register to sell a property in LDA Avenue 1. Make the right choices with your hard-earned money and identify the right investment opportunities at

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