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Bahria Nasheman Lahore Area Description

BahriaNasheman is located on Ferozpur Road, Lahore. It is one of the developed residential projects of Bahria Town. It has residential, commercial and semi-commercial plots, houses for sale or rent. The area size varies from 5 Marla to 8 Marla. It features an international standard school, hospital with all the advanced machinery, security, CCTV monitoring, beautiful parks, grand Jamia Mosque, and commercial markets. It has all the amenities like continuous power supply, gas, water, internet connection, telephone line, TV cable, and every house has installed a security system for safety purposes. An apartment for sale in Bahria Nasheman Lahore is not just affordable but good value for the money as well. Find your dream apartment on ilaan.com today.

Investing in Bahria Nasheman Lahore

BahriaNasheman Lahore is one of the most beautiful and extravagant residential area located inside Bahria Town Lahore. There are many plots, houses and apartment for sale in BahriaNasheman Lahore that is made as per international rules of construction. The buildings are highly elevated with unique designs, incredible infrastructure, and beautiful structures.

There are three blocks in BahriaNasheman Lahore namely Iris block, Sunflower block, and Zinnia block. Iris block is regarded as the most popular block with a high rate of return (ROI) for the investors, whereas, the Sunflower block is regarded as the spot with the highest buildings and Zinnia block being the largest has more property options as compared to other blocks.

In BahriaNasheman Lahore, for the investors, there are many apartments that are sold as per the number of bedrooms they have. There are single bedroom flats, 2-bed apartments for sale in BahriaNasheman Lahore, 3 bedroom apartments and 4-bed flats for sale. For the investors there are numerous opportunities and options for investment, allowing them to figure out the best option for them after proper valuation of the property and the block in depth.

Apartments for Sale in Different Blocks in Bahria Nasheman Lahore

Every block in BahriaNasheman has different prices and rates. The prices fluctuate due to property valuation, taxes imposed by the government and popularity gained by the residents. In Iris block, which is popular due to ROI it offers, the minimum amounted apartment 5 marla apartment can come in PKR 55 lacs with a maximum amount to PKR 85 lacs. In the same block, the 6 marla apartment will cost around PKR 62 lacs on the bare minimum side and PKR 92 lacs to maximum side. In the same Iris block, the 8 marla apartment will cost around PKR 75 lacs on the minimum side whereas on the maximum side it will range to PKR 1.10 crore.

Apartment for sale in BahriaNasheman Lahore cost more when it comes to Zinnia block. For a 5 marla flat in Zinnia block, the minimum rate will be around PKR 58 lacs and will range to PKR 88 lacs on the maximum side. In the same block, the 6 marla apartment will cost on the minimum side to PKR 68 lacs and on the maximum size, it will go to PKR 98 crore only. In the same Zinnia block, the 8 marla flat will range to PKR 80 lacs and will range to PKR 1.15 crore only.

In the Sunflower block, the rates are entirely different. For a 5 marla apartment, the minimum cost will round to PKR 50 lacs to PKR 75 lacs on the maximum side. For a 6 marla flat in the same block i.e. Sunflower block, the cost will range to PKR 58 lacs to PKR 80 lacs only. Apartment for sale in BahriaNasheman Lahore have different rates but it is only Sunflower block where for the 8 marla apartment the rates are entirely different. The rates are high and it ranges to PKR 75 lacs to PKR 1 crore only.

There are many apartments that are divided as per the bedrooms they have. A single bed flat will cost low to PKR 30 lacs only, whereas, 2-bed apartment for sale in BahriaNasheman Lahore will cost around PKR 45 lacs. The rate increases when it is 3 bedroom flat where the rates hikes to PKR 60 lacs only and for a 4 bedroom apartment the price is not below PKR 80 lacs. All of the apartments for sale in BahriaNasheman Lahore are luxurious and are designed beautifully no matter how many bedrooms it has.

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