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DHA City Karachi or Bahria Town Karachi – A Comparative Analysis

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08 Apr 2019
DHA City Karachi or Bahria Town Karachi – A Comparative Analysis

DHA City Karachi or Bahria Town Karachi – A Comparative Analysis

When talking about the most luxurious projects in Karachi, then DHA City and Bahria Town are no exception at all. These both mega projects are on outskirts of Karachi, located at M9 Motorway i.e. Karachi and Hyderabad bypass. Bahria Town is a project developed by Bahria Group, who have their hit projects as Bahira Town Lahore and Bahria Town Islamabad. Whereas, DHA City, previously known as DHA Phase 9, is a project of Defence forces.

Both of these areas offer fascinating features and multiple options and opportunities for investors to invest in both commercials plots as well as residential plots for sale in DHA City Karachi. While scrutinizing the major comparison of both the ravishing real estate projects of Karachi, we will dig in deep to evaluate which one is better to make an investment and why.

Premium Location and Size

Though Bahria Town Karachi and DHA City Karachi are located in the same vicinity i.e. Super Highway, M9 Motorway, but reaching Bahria Town is quicker as compared to DHA City. From Karachi Toll Plaza, Bahria Town is just half an hour drive away, whereas for DHA City there is a drive of more than 50 minutes. Therefore Bahria Town is undoubtedly closer to the main city centers in comparison with DHA City.

While talking about the size, Bahria Town Karachi is spread on 44,000-acre land, in contrast, DHA City is just spread on 20,000-acre land. Bahria Town Karachi consists of 58 blocks in total that are known as Precincts, whereas DHA City offers only 16 sectors.

Categories of Residential Plots

When speaking of the range of residential houses or plots for sale in Bahria Town Karachi, then you can find quite a diverse variety. For potential buyers, there are thousands of plots in the 250 sq. yard and 125 sq. yard category, with an easy possession process. Whereas, in DHA City, there is a limited number of 125 sq. yard plots. To be fairly honest, the smallest and easiest to find category in DHA City Karachi is 200 sq. yard and 300 sq. yard plots, which ultimately reduces the premium chances of investment by a mid-level investor.

In the larger plots category in Bahria Town Karachi, there are many 1000 sq. yard and 2000 sq. yard plots can be found conveniently. Whereas, in DHA City Karachi there are several 1000 sq. yard and 2000 sq. yard sectors but the development process of those areas is way too lethargic.

Current Development Status

Well, the pace of development at Bahria Town Karachi is way faster as compared to DHA City Karachi. Many buyers at Bahria Town Karachi have already received the possession of precincts, whereas many are in the process of completion. Thousands of families have already settled down in Bahria Town Karachi and especially in Bahria Apartments and Quaid/Iqbal Villas, the accommodation rate is too fast.

When talking about DHA City, the development is sluggish. The work in the area is too slow and only Sector 3 is currently available for possession. In the rest of the sectors, the development work is still under process. It is expected that soon the development work will reach a certain point where possession of the rest of the sectors will be ensured.

Price Variation of the Both

Currently, the prices of DHA City Karachi are fluctuating and this is mainly because development is going on in various sectors. On the other hand, the prices of Bahria Town Karachi is stable and investors are aware of the rates of the plots, etc.

It is studied that plot files of Bahria Sports City and Bahria Paradise Karachi have a huge potential in making profits. They are well planned and constructed with immense beauty. In the contrast, DHA City Karachi is being constructed and at a relatively slower rate. By investing in a house for sale in Bahria Town Karachi, you can easily grow your earnings and enjoy huge returns.

Public Image of DHA City Karachi and Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi is facing a lot of issues these days. A few months back, the investors of Bahria Town Karachi were tensed due to various court cases and there was a chance of shut down of the area. It was also rumored that DHA is going to take over the place. Though the problem has been settled down, still there are significant chances of new problems arising again. Due to these cases, many investors are either backing off or are waiting for a better time to invest. Recently, the prices of the plots faced a severe dip, where the prices fall to a greater extent.

On the other hand, DHA City Karachi is backed by Defence forces. The other 8 phases of DHA are beside Clifton Beach, which is fully developed and constructed and is considered to be one of the finest posh areas of Karachi. With amazing security and past records, DHA has proven to be a safer investment for ages. The public seems to trust them for a longer period of time.


Both the posh and luxurious areas of Karachi are great to invest in. Bahria Town Karachi is already developed to a greater extent, whereas DHA City Karachi is being constructed. As per sources, they are developing the area slowly as they are waiting for the time when the trend of living far from the main city area can become a normal thing. This indicates a huge potential in DHA City Karachi.

What we can suggest is that DHA City Karachi is good to invest in and is suitable for a long-term investment plan. Whereas for Bahria Town Karachi, short-term investment and mid-level investment can be the ideal choice. But the last decision will always be yours, so before investing it is recommended to visit the sites physically to make a smarter choice. At we not only take our clients on on-site visits but also help them in making the smartest choice as per their budgets. We are authorized dealers for both, Bahria Town Karachi as well as DHA City Karachi, so you can always rely on us for better opinions. What we would suggest you is to have a look for a house for sale in Bahria Town Karachi for a chance to live a peaceful life.

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