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Pakistan Property Portal, Website Post Property FREE


02 Oct 2019


There are a few things which are required by human beings for living happily in this world. Out of these requirements, home is the basic necessity which is the place where that person along with the can live with independence. There are many factors that are considered before buying the property and these are the value of the property, location and the most important the facilities which are available in the vicinity. Other factors like security, presence of spacious refreshment areas and commercial areas with the ever-growing business opportunities. While considering these factors Karachi may become one of the suggestions with these facilities but all of these are not available at a single place.

The arrival of Bahria Town which is the largest Real Estate Developer in Asia through its mater planned project “Bahria Town Karachi” has shown some lights to the citizens of the city by providing all the facilities under one roof. Bahria Town is identified as the developers who always set the new benchmarks of community living and development in Pakistan. This spacious project includes Bahria apartments, Bahria Homes, residential plots, and commercial plots for sale in Bahria Town Karachi. The pace of the development of the infrastructure in the community to make a very good impact on the prices of the properties in Bahria Town is why it is now a promising sign for those people who want to invest in Bahria Town. The Bahria Town Karachi is located outside Karachi on Hyderabad-Karachi Motorway (M9) and has an area of 44160 acres.

The arrival of a mega project like Bahria Town Karachi has boosted the Real Estate business in Karachi city. We can say that the Real Estate business in Karachi has been increased two times since the arrival of Bahria Town in Karachi. The construction of the town within the vicinity of the city has also enhanced the financial activities in the area as well as creating job vacancies for all classes of people. It also has resulted in the growth of industries related to construction like cement, bricks, iron and steel making, glass making, and other related industries. The service providing companies like courier and grocery providers also have more market to expand their services.

Before the arrival of Bahria Town Karachi, the residents of Karachi has the DHA as the only option with these benefits and facilities. But it lacks many facilities like it is not well planned without playgrounds and parks. The arrival of Bahria Town Karachi has readily dominated its primary competitor DHA Karachi within the smallest time through world-class facilities and infrastructure. This was the reason people showed an overwhelming response on its arrival in Karachi especially in the projects which were designed for middle-class families.


Bahria Town Karachi along with the basic infrastructure provides some very sophisticated characteristics like own power generation for providing load shedding free environment for its citizens. Along with world-class sewage systems, underground cables, 24/7 security service, hospitals, parks, and much more.


The advent of Bahria Town in Karachi gives light to the citizen as Karachi which is a metropolis but now has very limited places for living so it is considered as the solution for the shortage of residential areas in the megacity as Bahria Town Karachi offers thousands of homes ranging from very small the luxury villas along with bungalows and penthouses. Bahria Town Karachi's arrival is also praised by their Real Estate owners as it has boosted their business.

By keeping in view these facts we can easily say that the Bahria Town Karachi is the best residential place of the Karachi as it provides all the required residential facilities. The Property in the Bahria Town Karachi is considered Gold in the real estate market due to its price. The Bahria Town Karachi also houses many International schools, Colleges, Market and Hospitals.


The Bahria Town Karachi offers residential plots in different ranges i.e. 125, 250, 500, 1000, and 2000 sq. yards plots which are available for both rent and sale purposes. These plots are distributed in the whole Bahria Town in the vicinity of the various attractions. The Bahria Town Karachi offers different apartments which include one bed, two beds, three beds, four beds, and studio apartments. Besides this, it also offers various spacious Villas in 125, 200, and 350 sq. yards size for both rent and purchase options.

Apart from these homes, apartments, and luxury villas, the Bahria Town Karachi also offer some landmark projects like Bahria Paradise Karachi, Bahria Sports City, Bahria Golf City, Bahria Apartments Karachi, Bahria Heights Karachi, Bahria Theme Park Commercial, Jinnah Avenue Commercial, Hoshang Pearl Karachi, Bahria Villas Karachi, Bahria Homes Karachi, Bahria Hills, Bahria Liberty Commercial, Bahria Overseas block, and Valley Block Bahria Town Karachi.

Furthermore, Bahria Town Karachi also offers 59 precincts which are divided among these projects: Old Bahria Town Karachi Precinct 1 to 33, Bahria Sports City Precinct 34 to 45, Bahria Paradise Precinct 46 to 59, Bahria Golf City Precinct 20, Ali Block Plots Precinct 12. Out of these Precincts, 1-15 is categorized as the only category which provides the ownership right now or will provide in the near future.

Few of the Best Precincts in Bahria Town Karachi are as follows along with some brief description from an investment point of view.

  • Precinct 12 Ali Block Bahria Town Karachi

Ali Block is the finest Precinct (Precinct 12) having a plot size of 125 sq. yards. The possession was given to the owner’s a long time ago and house constriction is under process. This precinct is located on the prime location of Main Jinnah Avenue and on the 5-minute drive from the Main Gate while facing Grand Mosque & Bahria Heights. Six months ago, Ali Block's minimum price was not below 45 and a maximum of 70 lacs but now it very high.

  • Bahria Paradise Karachi.

When the market boosts these precincts will first regain the lost values and then the prices will be enhanced by advancement, as P47 is prepared for ownership and is the best investment in Bahria Town Karachi nowadays, it is located on the primary entrance to Paradise and is fully developed and prepared for ownership. According to some sources that Bahria Town Karachi is planning for designing an Interchange from the primary door to Precinct 47 into a distinct corridor. The road will be reduced time from 4 minutes to 1 minute only.

This Precinct is located next to the Grand Mosque, Theme Park & Night Safari. When Grand Mosque & Theme Park will become operational as these projects are in their final phase, their prices will rise exponentially and will soon become out-reach, and if Precinct 47 has been announced it will be gold. Approximately 3 times the present rate.


After the announcement of Bahria Town Karachi, the supreme court of Pakistan took the sue-motto notice after the news of some violations of laws regarding land acquisition and illegal land grabbing.  Supreme Court takes up the case and listens to the point of view of Bahria Town management, Sindh government, and local citizens of that area. After the hearing, the Supreme Court found that there were many violations of law in the land transferring process and the Sindh government took an illegal commission from Bahria Town Karachi for allocating the land against the law. It was also observed that the Bahria Town Karachi has illegally and forcefully vacant the place from the native inhabitants with the help of local police by offering them a large number of bribes. Furthermore, according to some sources, it was found that Bahria Town Karachi has illegally grabbed a large amount of land which is outside the allocated land. So after hearing all of these allegations and points of view of all the stakeholders the Supreme Court found the Bahria Town Karachi is guilty of violating many laws and the Supreme Court imposed the fine of about 460 Billion rupees as compensation which are to be deposited in the national treasury. During this time period, the investors were in a state of shock as the one decision against the Bahria Town Karachi could ruin them as they have invested a large amount of money in that. When the Supreme Court gives its decision in the favor of investors they enjoyed this with great zeal and the saturated construction activities are started again in the whole Bahria Town Karachi.


After this brief review of the mega-project, Bahria Town Karachi one can easily say that it is one of the best places to live in Karachi as it offers all the facilities under one roof which was just like a dream for the people of the megacity. Bahria Town Karachi has many International Brands in their markets along with state of the art schools, colleges, hospitals, and recreational areas. Bahria Town Karachi also houses the Bahria Sports City which is being constructed around the world-class international cricket stadium which will become another host of international games in the megacity. So if you have money and want to purchase your own house then it is the once in a lifetime opportunity.


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