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8 Things that Make DHA Lahore the Best Place to Live in

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06 Dec 2018
8 Things that Make DHA Lahore the Best Place to Live in

Defense Housing Authority (DHA) is sure one of the most desirable places to live in Lahore. A lot of people in Lahore dream of having their own homes in DHA. Not just for the luxuries and amenities that it provides, the area has become a kind of status symbol in itself.

There are definitely many reasons that make the Defense Housing Authority stand apart among the other housing societies in Lahore. Owing to these reasons, it has now become one of the most preferred choices for the people who are in search of a house for sale in DHA Lahore. Let us see what are these things make it Lahore’s favorite.

Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Lahore is safe!

DHA Lahore is sure one of the safest places in Lahore. Unlike other areas, the rates of street crimes, events of thefts, and mobile snatching are still among the lowest ones. DHA Lahore has built the entire society with the aim to provide maximum security and provide its residents with a safe environment. Many people have started looking for plots for sale in DHA Lahore, as they were highly impressed with the security measures. There are also security cameras installed throughout the community that make it safer than other areas of Lahore. The responsibility of ensuring safety in the Defense Housing Authority is that of the armed forces, therefore the community residents do not have to invest in the security arrangements on their own. It should be noted that security measures are an added cost to your budget when you go and look out for a new house, however by acquiring real estate in DHA Lahore, you wouldn’t have to allocate the security cost in your house budget.

You Get the Perks of Living in Cantonment

Living in a cantonment is a luxury. You not only feel elite and safer, but it also has other benefits as well. You do not have to go through the strict safety requirements at check posts throughout the area if you live in the community. The community people, the guards, and security officers get to recognize you, thus saving you from the pain of getting yourselves and your vehicles checked every time you enter into the confines of the community. Moreover, since the community was specifically made for the employees of armed forces, people living in DHA also develop connections with army officers, thus availing the networking opportunity that the area holds. Therefore, in case you are looking for houses for sale in DHA Lahore, this is another plus for you to consider.  Possessing a house in a cantonment area is also considered to be one of the top reasons why there has been an increasing demand for houses for rent in DHA Lahore.

Advanced Commercial Area

There is also an advanced commercial area in Defense Housing Authority Lahore. People from all areas of Lahore visit Defense Y block and H Block for the shopping and entertainment facilities housed here. There are shopping malls, the outlets of a huge number of local and international brands, and hotels and restaurants for the commercial activities of the people residing in the area.

Countless Entertainment Opportunities and Commercial Activities

In addition to the vast commercial area that DHA houses, there are numerous entertainment opportunities as well for the residents. Community events, festivals, exhibitions, get-togethers, and other activities keep taking place at a commercial level, in which people from all walks of life can come in to participate and interact. The common events include car shows, kids’ parties, designer exhibitions, pet shows, and other meet and greet events. Brands and companies also hold their proceedings in DHA because of the commercialized nature of the area. Several launches and promotional activities are hosted here to specifically target the elite class of the city.

Countless Community Facilities for the Residents

The community is well designed and structured, keeping in view all basic to the high-end needs of the residents. There are clubs, medical centers, horticulture facilities, sports grounds and clubs, mosques, graveyards, libraries, shopping markets, and much more. There are specific areas and spaces assigned particularly for sports and other commercial activities. Moreover, grocery stores, pharmacies, schools, and petrol pumps have been carefully located in the vicinity of all blocks and phases through a planned approach. The educational facilities are all of the international standards, with Cambridge System based schooling and internationally ranked universities located in the community. The healthcare facilities are also better and more conveniently approachable here. So, if you are looking for a house for sale in DHA Lahore, you will have all these basic facilities at an arm’s length.


Discipline is another aspect of life at DHA that attracts many people. The area is well planned, with all residential and commercial aspects and amenities carefully and ideally located. The residents of DHA Lahore are bound to follow the laws and principles set for the citizens otherwise they need to pay the penalties to DHA authorities. Ensuring the cleanliness and maintenance of the surroundings is not just the responsibility of the people who are given this job but of each and every resident of the area. Throwing litter on roads, parks or any other public spaces can lead to penalties, and the sewerage system is ensured to work properly enough to maintain the cleanliness standards. There is a proper mechanism to manage the waste coming out of each house and is made sure to be processed properly as well.

The Environment

Defense Housing Authority Lahore has another great advantage over the other residential areas of Lahore and that is its environment. The tranquility and calmness in the environment are something that you will not find in other well-populated areas of Lahore. If the hustle and bustle of life in Lahore tire you up, DHA Lahore has exactly the kind of environment that would suit your need for serenity and quietness.

Kids’ Engagement Activities

Keeping in view the elite lifestyle that DHA offers, and is known for, the community has well thought out arrangements for working mothers. There are different kinds of kids’ engagement activities arranged from time to time for the kids of working mothers. Even the women who are stay-at-home mommies can avail of these learning-based fun activities arranged for the physical and mental growth of the children boosting their cognitive and physical abilities. These facilities majorly include daycare centers, summer camps, kid’s play dates arranged by other mommies, festivals, pet shows, and a lot more.

Amazed at the amazing benefits of the area? Well, this is not just it. DHA Lahore has several other edges as well over other areas of Lahore. This quick overview is just, to begin with on the few advantages you can expect in case you are in search of houses for sale in DHA Lahore. You can also look for them at which helps you find the house of your dream.

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