DHA Signal Free Corridor – Adding Value to the Living Experience

Area Guide 26/03/2018

Defence Housing Society, most commonly known as DHA, is known for its luxurious lifestyle and beautiful architecture.

The society, besides providing a safe living experience also offers an array of other amenities that are hard to find in other housing schemes. Recently, there is a new project going on in the society that will make it more convenient for the residents to live in the society.

In collaboration with Maaksons, DHA Lahore has initiated the DHA Signal Free Corridor project that will prove to be the perfect answer to the growing traffic problems in the society. The traffic problems in DHA Lahore were a major concern for the authorities and in order to address this situation, the idea of DHA Signal Free Corridor was proposed and accepted in late 2017.

Construction Plan

The construction area ranges from Defence Mor on Walton Road to Lalik Jan Chowk. In the initial stages, a flyover is being constructed on the Walton Road that will give commuters direct entry to DHA without waiting on the traffic signals. Moreover, an underpass on PSO Chowk is also a part of the plan in addition to a flyover from PSO Chowk to DHA Phase III. The project also includes an underpass on Masjid Chowk and Ghazi Road that will also cover some remodeling of Lalik Jan Chowk.

Although the construction is in its full swing, the traffic has been controlled greatly – courtesy U-turns, alternate routes, and proper planning. The total corridor is 5Km long and will cost around 2.5 billion rupees.

Benefits of DHA Signal Free Corridor

The DHA Signal Free Corridor will benefit the residents and commuters of DHA in the following ways:

  • Save time – The signal free corridor will help in saving the time of the commuters. They will be able to avoid traffic jams and reach their destination on time.
  • Property Value Appraisal – Since the DHA Signal Free Corridor comprises of flyovers and underpasses, it will also play a vital role in increasing the property values in the surrounding areas.


The construction work is being completed at a fast pace and it is expected that within a few months it will be completed. It can also be a good time to invest in DHA because the property values will increase significantly after the completion of this project. If you are looking for options, there are quite a few available at ilaan.com.