The Government of Punjab Demands to be Reported About Development Work

Real Estate News 04/04/2018

The Chief Secretary of Punjab Mr. Naveed Akram Cheema has issued an order to send him reports of development related work from all district level organizations of Province Punjab.

The reports will contain information about the status of developmental projects in Punjab. The departments that are to send reports include instructions to Secretary Baldia and all of the developmental departments of Punjab. The administration is bound to send completed and compiled reports about all under process developmental projects within 3 days. The reports will be addressed to Punjab Government.

The highlights of the report will be:

  •         How much amount is allocated to be approved under the processed project?
  •         The expected completion date of the project?
  •         Funds being spent on the project in a current fiscal year?
  •         Funds that were being spent on the projects in past?
  •         And the current status of the project?