Team ilaan Attended DEFCLAREA Iftar Party – Creating Waves of Success in the City of Lights

(Karachi – June 2, 2018) Team ilaan.com was cordially invited to an iftar party organized by DEFCLAREA (Defence & Clifton Association of Real Estate Agents) after a successful launch in the city of lights. The guests included some notable names of the real sector as well as President, General Secretaries, and Secretaries of DEFCLAREA.

Team ilaan.com shared how the digital world is creating opportunities for realtors to take their business to new heights by showing actual results. In the past few years, the real estate sector has gone through many economic changes due to the amendments in tax laws, terrorism, and other factors. However, after the restoration of peace in the country and implementation of new policies, this sector started to flourish but due to the new tax system, the development process is slow.

Talking about the role of ilaan.com in promoting real estate agencies, one of the guests at the event shared, “It is highly rare to come across businesses that are not only offering their products or services but playing a vital role in the betterment of the entire sector/industry – ilaan.com is exactly one of those businesses that are creating ripples of transformation in the real estate sector. We are definitely looking forward to working with ilaan.com.”

The team members and representatives of ilaan.com shared how they came up with the idea of creating a property portal that is very different from the rest. While other property portals offer limited uploading, at ilaan.com realtors can enjoy unlimited uploading. This feature appealed to a lot of realtors because it directly provides the exposure that real estate businesses need. There are some other noteworthy features as well like 24/7 customer support, interactive floorplan, and professional property photography.

The way the efforts of ilaan.com were appreciated was very commendable and we are very thankful to DEFCLAREA for this gesture.

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