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Road Connectivity of Gwadar Port to be Completed by the end of 2021

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30 Nov 2020
Road Connectivity of Gwadar Port to be Completed by the end of 2021

Road Connectivity of Gwadar Port to be Completed by the end of 2021

Islamabad: To Facilitate the business climate of the zone and the port, the road connectivity of Gwadar Port with the 2nd Phase of the Free Trade Zone will complete by the end of 2021.

Power Purchase Agreement of 300mw Coal Power Project will be selected as a deliverable for the upcoming 10th JCC, Pakistan, and China both agreed upon it. The social and economic well-being of the local community will improve with the completion of this project.

On Monday, 30th of November 2020, the 5th Meeting of the Joint Working Group on Gwadar took place through a video link. Mathar Niaz Rana, Secretary, Ministry of Planning, Development, & Special Initiatives, became part of the meeting representing Pakistan, and the Director-General, National Development and Reform Commission, Ying Yong, represented China. 

Director-General, NDRC remarked that Gwadar was a priority and its development will take place at a fast pace. The Secretary, PD&SI acknowledged that Pakistan received constant support from the Chinese government for the development of Gwadar and is always committed to the acceleration of this development project. 

Progress of projects in Gwadar was reviewed in the meeting and both sides were satisfied with the progress. Chinese side appreciated the support and cooperation provided by Pakistan for making the port get operational. Especially when it came to enabling the Afghan transit trade through Gwadar. 

The detailed development of the port was explained by the Chairman PoPHCL who also highlighted the diverted interest of entrepreneurs towards the Free Zone area and Gwadar Port. He also informed that the Eastbay Expressway will complete in 2021, along with the solvation of all pending issues on a prior basis. 

Other projects concerning the social sector which were discussed in the meeting included the Vocational & Technical Institute in Gwadar and Pak-China Friendship Hospital in Gwadar. Intending to create job opportunities for the youth, both sides agreed upon acceleration of the Vocational & technical Institute project. 

اسلامآباد: زوناوربندرگاہکےکاروباریماحولکوآسانبنانےکےلئے،گوادربندرگاہسےآزادتجارتیزونکےدوسرےفیزکےساتھروڈرابطہ 2021 کےآخرتکمکملہوجائےگا۔

300 میگاواٹکےکوئلہپاورپراجیکٹکےپاورخریداریمعاہدےکوآئندہ 10 ویںجےسیسی،پاکستانکےلئےنجاتدہندہکےطورپرمنتخبکیاجائےگا،اورچیننےاسپراتفاقکیاتھا۔اسپراجیکٹکیتکمیلکےساتھہیمقامیبرادریکیمعاشرتیاورمعاشیبہبودمیںبہتریآئےگی۔

نومبر 2020 پیرکوگوادرمیںمشترکہورکنگگروپکا 5 واںاجلاسایکویڈیولنککےذریعےہوا۔ماترنیازراناسکریٹری،وزارتمنصوبہبندی،ترقی،اورخصوصیاقدامات،اجلاسکینمائندگیکرتےہوئےپاکستانکینمائندگیکرتےہوئے،اورنیشنلڈویلپمنٹاینڈریفارمکمیشن،ینگیونگکےڈائریکٹرجنرل،چینکینمائندگیکی۔



چیئرمینپیاوپیایچسیایلنےبندرگاہکیتفصیلیترقیکیوضاحتکیجسنےفریزونایریااورگوادرپورٹکیطرفتاجروںکیدلچسپرخکوبھیاجاگرکیا۔انہوںنےیہبھیبتایاکہایسٹبےایکسپریسوے 2021 میںمکملہوگی،ساتھہیتمامزیرالتواءمعاملاتکوبھیپہلےکیبنیادپرحلکیاجائےگا۔


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