Revised Schedule for Water Distribution to be issued by KWSB

Karachi: There is going to be a revised schedule pertaining to water distribution in the metropolis, stated by the Karachi Water and Sanitation Board (KWSB); as per the news being reported.

The managing director of KWSB, Asadullah Khan while expressing his views on this crucial matter stated that he is currently in dialogue with Mr. Waqar Mehdi; the Special Assistant to the CM (Chief Minister) on the Water Development.

The board is currently supplying nearly 70 million gallons of water per day to the inhabitants of Karachi from Hub Dam. As per the recent news source, the water level of Hub Dam has increased to a considerable level due to heavy rainfall in Khuzdar and Lasbela, where the officials of the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has recorded 17 feet increase in the water level

Due to these heavy rains in Baluchistan, the dam water level have increased to a significant level. Therefore the supply of water to Karachi is expected to increase as Hub Dam is the main source of water supply in the city.

This new initiative of water distribution is expected to ensure symmetrical water distribution to all the areas of Karachi. It is also expected that through this plan the efficiency of water distribution network can also be achieved.

The Special Assistant has stated recently that the demand for water supply is increasing every day in Karachi and it is due to extensive population growth. Currently, the Sindh government is working on the 50-year water plan & policy to tackle the increasing demand.