Profits in Real Estate Soon to be a Thing of Past

The real estate sector in Pakistan is known as the goldmine for investors but not anymore. Investors are not considering it a favorable parking space for their investments now and the sole reason for this lack of trust and investment is the uncertain situation. In the light of regulatory measures taken by the government, investors have moved out to make better profits which is not the case anymore with the real estate sector.

Stakeholders are of the view that the real estate sector is going through a restructuring phase and soon it will be free from individuals’ control and speculation. If the intentions of the government are fair, the real estate sector will start receiving investments. However, the rate of return would not be unreal like it had been in the past two decades.

The major setback for investments has been the restriction on non-filers to purchase properties worth more than PKR 5 million. If proper amendments in the laws are made, it will not only be beneficial for the state but the sector and its stakeholders as well.