PKR 3.75 Billion Budget Approved by RCB

RCB (Rawalpindi Cantonment Board) has approved the budget recommendations for the fiscal year 2019-20 worth PKR 3.75 Billion.

In February, RCB announced 50% increment in charges of water for the commercial as well as domestic consumers. Before this announcement, the cost of the commercial tanker was PKR 1,000 but after this announcement, the rate increased by PKR 530. All the hotels, shops and service stations are expected to pay a sum of PKR 1,570 along with tax for a single commercial supply. On the same hand, water supply for domestic consumer cost PKR 750 which is now PKR 1,250 after an increase of PKR 500 per tanker.

The board has sanctioned the drafted budget documents in a meeting that was presided by RCB President Mr. Shehzad Tanvir. Malik Munir; the Vice President, Sibtain Raza; Executive Officer and all the other senior board officials were part of the meeting.

As per the news resources, RCB granted subsidy worth PKR 730 million to the health department of the city, the educational department as well as the water supply sector within the budget considerations. The board has also allocated a significant amount of maintaining and procuring compactors, dumpers, tractors and the water boring machines.

The board, however, did not propose any new tax till yet on the residents and the business owners of the cantonment area within this budget nor has made any recommendations for FY 2019-20. Furthermore, the board has established a new department to oversee the revenue recoveries as well.

It is expected by the Cantonment Board to forward its budget recommendations to the Cantonment (MLC) Regional Director Dr. Saima Shah and to the Military Land for the final approval and recommendation of it.