Open House Session by ilaan.com – Helping Real Estate Agencies Go Digital

(Lahore – January 18, 2018) On Thursday, ilaan.com organized an open house session particularly for the real estate agents of Lahore to introduce them to the premium real-estate portal in Pakistan.

Attended by a large number of realtors from all over the city and surrounding areas, the session focused on why the realtors need to go digital.

Being one of the leading property portals of the country, ilaan.com understands why it has become important for the realtors to advertise their property listings on the internet and how the gap between them and the digital landscape can be bridged.

ilaan.com has always focused on being innovative and showed a willingness to go the extra mile to meet the needs of partner realtors. Not only are the properties listed at ilaan.com but they are being presented with appropriate pictures, 2D construction plans, and high definition videos which are an important component of it to offer convenient viewing experience to the customers.

The session started with a brief overview of ilaan.com, the outstanding features, pricing policy, and an understanding was given how ilaan.com functions. A large number of realtors showed their interest and attended the session to know what value ilaan.com has to offer. A valid and concrete answer was presented to the guests by the representatives of ilaan.com. The Manager Sales Mr. Hassan on the occasion said, “ilaan.com is equipped with all the latest technologies and required analytics tools are integrated that lets our partners know about the conversions, engagement rate, views, and reach. We give projection to your listings like no other." He continued by saying: "Moreover, the team of ilaan.com assures each property is visited by our marketing team and all the required information including picture, 2D construction plans, amenities, and other aspects are collected.”

The Open House Session was very productive in terms of knowledge. The attendees were given a presentation on how ilaan.com functions and how it gives maximum exposure to the listings. On other platforms, the listings are left to die a natural death but on ilaan.com, the properties are segregated according to their location and areas. Any user who browses a certain location will get to know about the listing.

A question-answer session was also a part of the Open House Session where the realtors asked some questions to get their concerns clarified and the management of ilaan.com gave concrete answers to ensure there is no confusion left.

At the close of the session, a majority of the guests were of the view that ilaan.com is certainly a better option than a lot of other property portals in the country and aimed to get themselves registered in the large database of the portal. “It was a very fine experience coming to ilaan.com Open House Session and I will definitely look to get my agency listed at ilaan.com considering the value they are offering. The session, for me, was very productive and worth the time”, one of the guests said. Another attendee remarked that making all the property listings stay active on ilaan.com regardless of their posting date is a helpful idea.

The Operations Manager ilaan.com, Mr. Sheraz concluded the session by saying, “This is not just a one-off event but more like these are a part of our future program. We will continue to help our partners grow their businesses that will be beneficial for the real estate sector altogether.”

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