New Strategies Finalized in All Karachi Realtors Association’s Meeting

All Karachi Realtors Association finalized new strategy in internal meeting.

(Karachi – April 2019) All Karachi Realtors Association organized a meeting to discuss and finalize the action plan to cope with the policies of the government. The meeting was attended by the top management of all the member associations of the All Karachi Realtors Association, which incorporates almost 90% of all the realtor associations in Karachi.

New strategies were finalized in the meeting to address the growing issues in the real estate industry. The realtors were of the view that collective peaceful protests will be carried out if the government continues to neglect the real estate sector. “A lot of parties are dependent on the real estate sector and it contributes a lot to the GDP, yet it is not given the importance it deserves. As a result, the stakeholders suffer and the same is happening with the realtor community of Karachi.”

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