Nearly 20 Multinational Companies Interested to Invest in the Gas Sector

More than 20 multinational as well as local companies are interested to invest their billion rupees in the gas sector of the company, reported by All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA).

According to APCNGA, the investors have shown a keen interest in helping and supporting the gas terminals construction and development for ensuring a better supply of consumer gas as well as helping in laying new gas pipelines. Ghiyas Paracha, the Central Leader of APCNGA told the news sources that this initiative is going to help in the reduction of the price of the electricity as well as gas supply, aiding the environmental conservation efforts throughout and helping in ending the country’s energy crisis and also taming the down circular debts.

The Central Leader further added that the local and foreign investors are going to help the government by making an investment in the gas sector. Through this, the government is likely to save more than billions of dollars in oil imports now. The investors will also be providing affordable gas along with electricity to all the domestic, commercial and even the industrial consumers throughout.

Furthermore, Ghiyas Paracha stated in his statement that the investments will now imbue the country’s commercial, industrial and the CNG sectors with a renewed and vigorous approach. There will be definitely a chance to increase in job opportunities and raise in government’s revenue.

Recently, the Prime Minister (PM) of Pakistan, Imran Khan has ordered the concerned authorities to narrow down their findings at earliest and start down the crackdown against gas theft. This is important because due to excessive loss and theft of gas, commercial, industrial and household consumers are facing the big-time issue of gas supply, especially in the winter season. This needs to stop at earliest to make sure that after the investments, the gas sector starts to work better than before.