KDA Ordered Digitization of Land Records

Director General (DG) of Karachi Development Authority (KDA) Abdul Qadeer Mangi has recently ordered the staff to ensure proper arrangements for the digitization of the land records. The orders were directed in a high-level meeting in the Civic Centre.

The decision of digitizing the records of the land is taken to avoid any possible financial damages in record maintenance. All the transactions, letters as well as recoveries will be digitized now.

Various senior officials of KDA attended the meeting held at Civic Centre, Karachi, including Agha Pervaiz; member of Finance department, Naeem Waheed; Secretary, Ram Chand; Chief Engineer, Saeed Khan; Finance Director and Kamal Ahmed Siddiqui; the IT Director.

During the session, the participants discussed various administrative matters that were relating to KDA itself and they exchanged the details on other ongoing development plans as well as the residential projects of the city. The DG ordered all the concerned staff and authority to ensure proper collection of all the pending dues from every defaulter while staying within the judicial limits.

Mangi the Director General also elaborated to the news sources that through the means and the mechanism for enhancing all the development authority revenue streams. For the implementation of the ‘workable solutions’, it was also important to discuss the financial problems KDA is currently facing.

Last year, the Director General Samiuddin Siddiqui of KDA (Karachi Development Authority) started the planning for ensuring inexpensive amenities to all the residents of Karachi city. Through the provision of inexpensive amenities, the residents of the city will get relief from the KDA management and administration. It is further stated that sports are currently vital for the growth and development of the youth and all the resources in this stance is being utilized to bring sports to the ground for the youth.

The DG has asked the concerned authorities to make sure to provide the updated version of digitized land records in the upcoming meeting.