Kashif Shah Praises ilaan.com & Shares Why MDA Karachi is Good for Investment

Team ilaan.com visited MDA in Karachi to meet Kashif Shah – the co-founder of the project - who was kind enough to take out time from his busy schedule and talked to us about the project.

He began by thanking ilaan.com for coming all the way to the area to specifically meet him. Talking about the project he said, “Even in the late hours, we are sitting here peacefully and enjoying the weather without any fears and it speaks volumes of the secure environment that the project boasts.”

“Speaking of the weather, all of us want to connect to our roots and enjoy some time out of the busy and noisy life of the city. For that purpose, a farmhouse serves as the best place to rejoice and spend some quality time with family.”

Talking about the fewer prices of properties in far-flung areas, Kashif said, “Currently, the prices here are very reasonable but as soon as the construction of houses start and more people start moving in, the prices start increasing – it is a basic fundamental in the real estate business.”

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Watch the video below to know more what he had to say about the project: