Karachi Real Estate Associations Coming Together to Address the Issues of the Sector

(Karachi – March 2019) President All Nazimabad Real & Property Dealers Association Muhammad Saif addressed the media and claimed that 90% of registered real estate associations have formed an alliance on one single platform to solve the problems of the real estate sector. All the registered associations have combined to form All Karachi Realtors Association which will be properly registered and its manifesto will be announced properly later on.

The announcement was made in the presence of President MDARA Kashif Shah, Chairman Bahria Town Dealers Association Raheel Haroon, President DHA City Real Estate Association Muhammad Aqeel, President GG33 Real Estate Association M. Rehman, and others.

Team ilaan.com provided the coverage of the event and invited media to the venue. Speaking about the alliance, Muhammad Safi said, “This association was the need of the hour to address the ever-growing problems of the real estate sector and when all the associations are on one page, it would be easier to bring the problems to the limelight and look for the best possible solution.”

More details of the event will follow soon.