Islamabad to be developed into a horticulture city

Islamabad will be developed into a horticulture city by the joint collaboration of CDA and Pakistan Agriculture Research Council.

Islamabad: The Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) will develop Islamabad as a horticulture city in collaboration with the Capital Development Authority to make the capital greener and more beautiful, as reported by the news sources.

Chairman PARC Dr. Muhammad Azeem said, “We are planning to replace the trees that are harmful to human health and environment such as paper mulberry with flowering and fruit trees to make the capital city more attractive, beautiful, and safe.” He also said that it would cost around PKR 10 billion to make Islamabad a horticulture city.

Muhammad Azeem also said that PARC would provide its certified fruit trees to be planted across the city. The trees would not be planted along the busy roads so that the traffic should not be disturbed when people try to pick the fruits. PARC would not only provide certified plants to be planted but also provide irrigation services after plantation.

Speaking of other projects in the city, he mentioned that a big zoo of international standards will be established near the Bani Gala area to boost the number of tourists in the city. An agreement will also be signed with the CDA under which the authority will not burn the leaves fallen from the trees but hand them over to the PARC for the preparation of fertilizer that could be used for farming purposes.