IPO-Pakistan Ensures Relentless Drive against the Counterfeiting and Piracy Concerns

Islamabad: Intellectual Property Organization (IPO-Pakistan) in a collaboration with the law enforcement agencies participated in a drive against the counterfeiting and the piracy. Action against the involved illegal parties is ensured during the drive.

During the 11th IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Enforcement Coordination Committee, the Intellectual Pakistan Organization resolved the issue of counterfeiting and the piracy concerns. They promised that they will relentlessly deal with the illegal parties and efforts will be made for the development of genuine businesses in the country.

Mujeeb Ahmed Khan; the Chairman of the IPO-Pakistan chaired the meeting where Irfan Tarar; the Director-General of IPO-Pakistan and Sohail Asif; DG of PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) were present.

While addressing the meeting, Mujeeb Ahmed Khan termed the counterfeiting as well as the piracy problem a crime against innovation and the creativity of the country. He also laid stress on the need to develop close coordination between the Intellectual Pakistan Organization – Pakistan and the concerned LEAs to address the issues related to piracy and counterfeiting.

This meeting informed that IP Tribunals are fully functional while the anti-piracy and the anti-counterfeiting cells have also been established at the offices of the IPO-Pakistan for the coordination with the LEAs.

During the meeting, it was decided that the capacity building programs of the LEAs and the awareness activities for the business community will be conducted in different parts of the country in order to ensure the effective IPR enforcement and the genuine business development throughout the country.

Previously, Muhammad Ismail; the Director Enforcement of IPO-Pakistan gave a detailed presentation over the enforcement of IPRs in the country. He apprised the committee about Pakistan’s improving IP image among the comity of the nations during the last few years.