Impact of New Islamabad International Airport on Nearby Housing Societies

Real Estate News 30/04/2018

Ever since the construction of New Islamabad International Airport reached its completion phase, this project has become a burning topic in news locally and internationally.

It has been creating a lot of ripples of speculations and people are still in uncertainty as to what impact it will have on the real estate sector. The reason of the interest simmering in for this project is the development of infrastructure which will make life more convenient for the residents. The infrastructural developments mainly comprise of transport and are expected to benefit the nearest housing societies.

Recently, the first test flight of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) successfully landed at New Islamabad Airport which can be termed as the unofficial announcement of the new airport nearing completion. The mock flight PK-9001 piloted by Captain Bajrani accompanied by First Officers Hamad Khan and Muddasir Mushtaq departed from Benazir International Airport at 1:00 pm was successfully landed at the New Islamabad Airport at 1:30 pm. This mock flight was observed by PIA Chief Executive Officer Musharraf Rasool Cyan who was also present in the mock flight. The grand opening of this airport is scheduled on April 20 this month and the anticipation is sky high!

All eyes of the real estate sector of Islamabad are on the inauguration of New Islamabad Airport. People who have made investments in the nearby housing societies of the airport are eagerly waiting to know what the airport has in store for them. If you are one of those investors, we have some latest update for you!

Mumtaz City

Located near New Islamabad Airport, Mumtaz City is a very popular housing scheme where the development work is complete. There are relatively larger plots available in this society and the amenities are also top class. The prices of plots in this housing society are expected to increase in a matter of months and this is the reason why it is a good option to invest in this society. For genuine buyers also, this society is a perfect place where you would like to make your home.

Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society (PECHS)

This housing is the closest to New Islamabad Airport and this is the reason why the prices are expected to increase several times after the inauguration. PECHS is also one of those societies where possession is available and all the basic amenities are already available. Genuine buyers can buy a plot and start constructing their homes which is certainly not possible in other housing schemes in the surrounding areas of the airport.

Gandhara City

Gandhara City may not be as popular as Mumtaz City; however, it shares the same link road. The price of land in this housing society is slightly less as compared to other housing schemes. The low price of land is a center of attraction for investors looking to invest a mediocre amount in the real estate sector. For genuine buyers, this housing society is a good option to invest in because after the inauguration of the New Islamabad Airport, the prices are expected to increase rapidly.

The New Islamabad Airport, after becoming operational will become an important area of the city where a large number of people will be served annually. As a result, the population will increase in the surrounding areas and businesses will flourish thus contributing to the economy as a whole. Even if you invest in the commercial sector of these mentioned housing schemes, you can take your business to new heights.