, Open House Session 4 – Traditional Real Estate Marketing is Old Story, Digital Marketing is Need of the Hour!

PR & Media 06/04/2018

In 2012, The National Association of Realtors and Google conducted a collaborative study and came up with a report titled "Consumer and Market Trends in Real Estate" to get a thorough understanding of the growing role of digital media in the end-user home search experience.

The report revolved around these key points saying how 51% of home-buyers and renters are using amenities such as videos and social media to look for houses in the desired area. Renters and buyers are also utilizing Google for property searches to take a look at the property and the company prior to purchasing a house or renting one.

From what was discussed in that report back then, same was the agenda for’s Open House Session 4, that was conducted in Lahore on March 20, 2018 presenting the realtors with some thought-provoking, enlightening and fascinating stats illustrating how home-buyers and renters are utilizing digital tools in their research.

Like other sectors, the real estate industry has been seeing a fundamental shift in technology and digital media as well. As compact as the real estate sector is, it’s very important for the realtors to keep in touch with what new trends need to be applied and what old practices should be left out from the current marketing strategy.

At the occasion, Mr. Hassan Sales Manager shared, “The real estate sector is seeing a revolt and these alterations are directed to spiked growth and prospects for the organizations servicing this space. Outdated approaches of linking consumers and renters with property-owners has now primarily transformed to digital media technology and real estate agents who have not yet implemented these variations, should get a head start, as it says ‘better late than never!’

Besides listing properties on the web,, the simplest property website in Pakistan also offers digital real estate marketing tools like HD property videos, 2D floor plans, 360 Degree Virtual Tour, as well as social media marketing.

The Operations Manager, Mr. Sheraz concluded the session by saying, ‘We don’t really come across events that are productive and focused on the growth of others. We want to assist the realtors in Pakistan to use the digital channels for advertising their property listings. With over 90% of renters and home-buyers starting their research and property search online, realtors, property management firms should be inclined towards spending most of their marketing budgets on digital advertising tools and features which provide for an augmented return on investment (ROI).”

A wide no. of realtors from multiple agencies participated in this session and we are quite optimistic that sessions like these will really shape up the future of real estate industry in Pakistan. The names of the agencies that took part in this session are given below.

  • S.G estate
  • Harum Estate
  • Amin Estate
  • Estate 4 U
  • Nationwide Estate
  • Umer Real Estate
  • Property Time
  • GraceLand Estate
  • Aroon Estate
  • Yahya Estate