Gujjar Pura Dealer Association Oath Taking Ceremony

(Lahore – October 2019): Gujjar Pura Dealer Association organized an oath taking ceremony where the new management of the association took oath of working honestly and in the favor of the association. The event was attended by presidents and chairpersons of all 23 real estate associations in Lahore who also wished the newly appointed management good luck for their operations.

Gujjar Pura Dealer Association, also known as China Scheme Dealers Association, is keen to address the issues faced by the realtors and agencies in the area and collaborate with other associations in Lahore to make the real estate sector beneficial and productive for all stakeholders.

Team ilaan.com was also invited at the event for the coverage where presidents and secretaries of all real estate associations appreciated the good work ilaan.com has done for the real estate sector. Most real estate associations wished to collaborate with ilaan.com on future projects. For more information, stay tuned at our social media pages.