Dealers Meet & Greet – ilaan.com Meets Johar Town Association

(Lahore – March 2019) ilaan.com hosted a Meet & Greet session for the realtors of Johar Town Association at Gourmet Restaurant to spread awareness about the changing trends in the real estate sector and how realtors can utilize them to grow their business.

The event focused on how realtors can increase its outreach and grow their business by utilizing digital channels. Team ilaan.com addressed the guests about the features of ilaan.com that have been specifically designed to give you projection in the online space and generate leads on a consistent basis.

A large number of realtors from Johar Town Association attended the event including:

  • Chaudhary Tahar Masood Shahab (President Lahore)
  • Muhammad Usman Malik (Secretary Information Lahore dealer association)  
  • Mian Naeem Saab (General Secretary Lahore Dealer Association)
  • Mian Majer Saab (Voice President Lahore Dealer Association)

Speaking to the guests, team ilaan.com shared, “We have created a platform that is not just about promoting property listings but promoting realtors and their agencies using the advanced channels. Through ilaan.com, we provide proper branding to real estate businesses and help them reach more customers.”

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The idea of ilaan.com was widely appreciated by the guests and most of them show a willingness to work in collaboration with ilaan.com to promote their business. More details of the event will follow soon, stay tuned to all our official social media pages for the latest updates.