CDA hands over 11 sites to multiple departments

Islamabad: According to the news sources, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has vacated 11 sites reserved for parks in the different sectors of the city and handed over the same to Environment Wing of the Municipal Corporation of Islamabad (MCI) for development and maintenance of parks.

The action was taken on reports that some sites reserved for parks were under illegal possession by various parties and residents in either the form of lawns or illegal constructions. The Enforcement Directorate was tasked to retrieve the possession of the land so that it could be handed over to the MCI.

A special operation in light of the directions from the management was initiated earlier this week that resulted in the retrieval of 11 sites. After the possession was taken, the sites were handed over to MCI. During the operation, the constructions and encroachments on these sites reserved for parks were demolished.

The operation was carried out jointly by Enforcement Directorate, Environment Wing, Islamabad Administration (ICT), Planning Wing, Islamabad Police, and other concerned formations of the authority.