Ban of Plastic Bags in Islamabad – Campaign Launched

Islamabad: A new campaign is launched by the Senate Subcommittee on Climate Change, where they will be putting a ban on the usage of plastic bags in Islamabad effective from August 14.

In January of this year, Zartaj Gul; Minister of State for Climate Change informed the media sources that a new model has been proposed where tax will be imposed on sale and purchase of plastic bags ranging from PKR 1 to PKR 2 per plastic bag. This idea is proposed to discourage the popular usage of plastic bags that are causing adverse damage to the climate and the ecosystem.

Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, the chairman of the Climate Change committee expressed his views recently during a meeting at COMSATS University. He directed the concerned officials and representatives to devise a proper awareness campaign with crucial involvement of the students, media personnel and all the other stakeholders who are concerned towards the environmental concerns of the city and are looking forward to contributing towards the society.

With the ‘Clean & Green’ city initiative, the campaign will commence right from the parliament building in Islamabad itself and it will be extended to all the other government departments as well. Moreover, this exercise is also expected to be adapted and replicated in other cities of Pakistan as well, making the country greener and cleaner.

In a recent survey, it is found that more than 50% of the total pollution of Pakistan is caused by plastic bags. Therefore to make ‘Clean & Green’ campaign a success, it was necessary to impose a ban on plastic bags usage. These bags are being used since ever and stopping their usage is a hard task. For this reason, the government is imposing tax over its sales so that through this way its sale and polythene can be demotivated.

Exceedingly, the manufacturers of polythene bags countrywide are asked to switch their program to more eco-friendly alternatives. There is a plan to ban oxo-biodegradable plastic bags as well as throughout the country.