AIIB interested to finance development projects in Pakistan

The President of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank(AIIB) Jin Liqun during a meeting on Tuesday with Minister of Economic Affairs Division Hammad Azhar expressed his interest to finance the development projects in Pakistan.

Islamabad: According to the news sources, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) on Tuesday has expressed its interest in financing development projects in Pakistan.

The AIIB President Jin Liqun met the senior government officials and said: “AIIB is fully committed to the socio-economic development of Pakistan and will continue to support the development initiatives by the government of Pakistan.”

The recent visit of the AIIB delegation was aimed to understand Pakistan’s socio-economic needs and priorities of the government. Liqun also acknowledged the reform initiatives of the current government. “AIIB is one of the leading development partners of Pakistan and fully supports the government’s vision and policies”, said Liqun during a meeting with the Minister of Economic Affairs Division Hammad Azhar.

AIIB president was leading a delegation to discuss projects in power generation and transmission, transport, water supply sectors, information technology, and others. The exact details of the projects in which AIIB will invest will follow soon.