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DHA Lahore Area Description

In Lahore, DHA offers the best residential plots for construction purposes. It is a safe haven for investments. Find plots for sale in DHA Lahore on DHA administered by the Pakistan Army, this housing scheme is ideal for a number of reasons. Each phase has its own attractions that capture the attention of genuine buyers and investors alike. it is divided into various phases, from phase 1 to phase 8 and into different blocks. Among other blocks, Y block and H block are known for its commercial attractions with famous brands and restaurants brought inside the society for its residents. Investors are finding great investment opportunities relating to plot for sale or rent in DHA Lahore.

Plots in DHA Lahore

There is no doubt that DHA Lahore has been the reason why many investors nationally as well as internationally have become so interested in the plot for sale or rent in DHA Lahore. Despite the fact that it has a lot of investment opportunities, there are various phases that you should be investing in keeping in mind the amount of capital you want to put in it. Phase 8 is hands down the best investment that would be giving you amazing returns in just a time period of 3 years. It is known to be the most well-planned phase of DHA and there is just so much speculation regarding the price hikes for the phase. You need to be looking for a plot for sale or rent in DHA Lahore in Phase 8 if you want to get good returns on your money.

Not just for the residential plots, but it is a great opportunity for commercial investment as well. With the options like Broadway and the CCA 1 and 2, you could have the best out of your investment if you are putting your money in this phase. You can look out for plot for sale or rent in DHA Lahore in the commercial areas for good returns.

Broadway commercial is one of the top choices to make for investment and in fact, the prices are low if you compare it to other areas. The reason is that it is not growing at a very fast pace and there can be a lower trend seen in the market but it is believed that the commercial plots for sale or rent in DHA Lahore Phase 8 are underpriced. It would be a great opportunity for people who want to park their investment for a period of 3 to 5 years and then they would be getting great returns on it.

Plots for sale or Rent in DHA Lahore

Ex Park View is then again a great option for genuine buyers and the prices are one of the most preferred for the 2 Kanal plot. You can go for this option while searching for a plot for sale or rent in DHA Lahore since it is the best area for you to buy a 2 Kanal plot in the price that it offers.

The prices have gone below 220 lacs and they have been stable for quite some time now. The price has been the lowest since 3 years and that has become a very strong signal for investors from not just around the country, but it is attracting overseas investors too who don’t want to rush their investments. The Z Ivy green in Phase 8 has also shown great growth rates in the few months and that trend is expected to continue in 2019 too. In fact, there has been a prediction that there will be a 5 to 10% increase in the overall prices of the plots sale in DHA Lahore Phase 8. If you are looking for residential plots for sale or rent in DHA Lahore then you should go with Phase 8 as it would be a better option for you to build your own house, location wise.

The prices for the 4 Marla commercial plots for sale or rent in DHA Lahore are anywhere between 400 to 500 lacs and then the 8 Marla is between 750 and 950 lacs situated in the areas of Broadway in Phase 8. Z Ivy green is also another great option for your investment. It is true that the time frame for the returns would be a bit higher, but then again you would be getting great locations for low prices.

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