Bahria Town Lahore Area Description

The city of Lahore is one the oldest cities of Pakistan. The infrastructure and the structures are dated as old as Mughal era. Since many decades, Lahore has never seen an up-gradation of buildings or there has never been any high elevated buildings. Today, there are many housing schemes in Lahore that has dared to change the map of Lahore and upgraded its prevailing structural designs. Bahria Town is one of those housing schemes that introduced a clean, secure and friendly housing project that is made as per the needs and demands of the public. Many housing projects in Lahore are offering houses, plots, and apartments for sale or rent, but what makes Bahria Town different is that it offers farm for sale or rent in Bahria Town Lahore. Only in Lahore city, Bahria has exclusive and splendid farmhouses.

The farmhouses are beautiful inside out. You can find lush green vegetation, trees, bushes and shrubs outside the farmhouse. Outside of every farm, you can find the natural setting and incredible tall trees, all covered with green leaves. But not just outside, there are green shrubberies and exotic trees inside the farmhouses too. All the farm for sale or rent in Bahria Town Lahore offers scenic views and enthralling landscapes. The farmhouses are available in different sizes, some are made on a land size of marla; these are the smallest. Some are made on a land size of kanal; these are the biggest in the size. There are square yards i.e. acres and square feet land size farmhouses available too.

Not just the farmhouses, but the complete Bahria Town Lahore is well protected as it is a gated society. At every gate, you can see armed security personnel who are alert and attentive to even the smallest details. No one is allowed to enter the premises without proving their identity. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week the guards are patrolling the area and monitoring every act. There are CCTV cameras installed at every small distance that is being used to monitor every moment of the residents and any suspicious moment is reported at an instant. This is why there has never been any case of robbery or mugging. Even if the law and order situation of Lahore city is disturbed, no one inside the premises of Bahria Town Lahore gets affected at all. Due to high alert security, getting a farm for sale or rent in Bahria Town Lahore can offer a great rate of return on investment for an investor.

Majority of the farms at Bahria Town Lahore are either under construction or under renovation and closed for maintenance. The available farmhouses at Bahria Town are made on different sizes like 20 kanal or 47 kanal. Though the options are less that doesn’t mean that there is no farm for sale or rent in Bahria Town Lahore. In the farmhouses, you can find up to 5 bedrooms, 3 washrooms, and 2 kitchens, depending on the size of land it is constructed. The parking lots are spacious, allowing to park at least 10 cars at one time. The facility of electricity, gas, and water is ensured in the farmhouses. The kitchens are designed in American style along with pure wooden work and there is wooden exhaust too. Every farmhouse has its indoor pool as well. It is worth mentioning that every farm for sale or rent in Bahria Town Lahore is precisely designed with magnificent architectural designs.

The price range of the farmhouses in Bahria Town varies, depending upon the size. A farmhouse that is made on a land size of 20 kanal will cost you around PKR 28 crores, but if the same land size farmhouse is up for rent i.e. 20 kanal farmhouse for rent than PKR 1.2 lacs per month can be its rent. On the other hand, a farmhouse made on a land size of 47 kanal will cost more than PKR 100 crores. But a 47 kanal farmhouse can come in PKR 30 lacs rent per month. The land size depends a lot on when it comes to the farmhouse. All the farm for sale or rent in Bahria Town Lahore are made with modern designs that are complimenting the international farmhouse standards, increasing your living standards and enhancing your lifestyle.

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