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Why you need to invest in DHA Karachi today?

27 Dec 2019
Why you need to invest in DHA Karachi today?

Why you need to invest in DHA Karachi today?

When it comes to housing, Defence Housing Authority (DHA) is a renowned name that has become the top residential choice since its beginning. In a city as big as Karachi, DHA has managed to provide top of the line amenities to the residents. The level of amenities available in DHA is way above the other societies.

Over the years, time and time again DHA Karachi has proved that it is the most valuable society in the city where you can make safe investments. With the development of other societies and housing schemes in Karachi, investors and general buyers are always wondering if they should invest in DHA Karachi. If you have the same doubts, let’s give you an overview of why it is beneficial to invest in DHA Karachi even today.

DHA Karachi – An Introduction

DHA Karachi is counted among the poshest areas of Karachi. This area is famous because of the high-end restaurants, designer boutiques, spas, shopping centers, and other recreational spaces. The infrastructure in this area has improved a lot in the last couple of years. The strong network of roads and efficient security arrangements for its residents has really improved the lifestyle of the people. DHA is located very close to Clifton and this is why the people of the area get the best of both societies.

DHA Karachi has a total of 8 phases and each phase is well-planned and quite developed. For those who want to live in the most luxurious homes, DHA Karachi is the right choice. The standard of homes is exemplary and the available amenities take it to the next level. Not just homes, the apartments in DHA Karachi are also built on modern architecture and boast luxurious facilities that other areas hardly get. Most of the flats in DHA Karachi are located in the designated commercial areas. However, in the recently developed phases, there are residential apartments available in different sizes.

Price Range of Properties in DHA Karachi

If you are looking to invest in DHA Karachi, you should be aware of the prevailing prices in the area. Let’s take you through what prices you will come across while looking to buy a property in DHA Karachi.

Houses in DHA Karachi

If you are going for a house for sale in DHA Karachi, the prices you will encounter can be between PKR 2.5 crore to PKR 60 crore depending on the phase and the size.

Flats in DHA Karachi

If you are going for a flat for sale in DHA Karachi, the prices you will encounter can be between PKR 40 lacs to PKR 8 crore depending on the phase and the size.

Plots in DHA Karachi

If you are going for a residential plot for sale in DHA Karachi, the prices you will encounter can be between PKR 1.65 crore to PKR 35 crore depending on the phase and the size.

These are the minimum price ranges that you will encounter. Beware of scammers. The best thing you can do to know the prevailing prices is to visit and do your search.

Lifestyle in DHA Karachi

Karachi the “city of lights” is also known as the city that never sleeps. There are a lot of eateries in DHA Karachi that are opened till midnight even on weekdays. After midnight, you can find a number of spots to enjoy the piping hot breakfast.

Talking about the climate of the city, the city experiences scorching summers and mild winters every year. But despite having tough weather conditions in summers, Karachi has a comparatively better temperature average as compared to Lahore. Due to the Seaview beach being in close proximity, the weather in DHA Karachi is mostly pleasant. Even on scorching days, the sea’s winds keep the temperature normal. Due to the lesser number of trees and a population of over 20 million people, the city is badly suffering from air and noise pollution. Karachi is Pakistan’s major economic and financial hub, therefore, the city offers many exciting job opportunities and other sources of income to its residents.

The prolonged traffic jams are one of the major concerns for the people of Karachi. However, in DHA Karachi, the wide network of roads keeps you away from these concerns. Despite wide and paved roads, the traffic congestion in Karachi can turn your minutes’ journey into hours. The availability of food is quite convenient and affordable in all areas of the city. Karachi is the world’s one of the most economical cities to live in. A good-living in Karachi is more affordable as compared to Lahore and Islamabad. Not having a central transportation system is the major lacking for Karachi. However, online cab services, Public buses, and rickshaws are the common modes of commutation in Karachi.

Find Properties in DHA Karachi

If you want to find properties for sale in DHA Karachi, visit today. There is a large range of properties in DHA Karachi available. All you have to do is make your search, apply the search filters, and wait for a moment for our system to show you the properties as per your requirements. There are houses for sale or rent in DHA Karachi and flats for sale or rent in DHA Karachi available in huge numbers. For more details, feel free to contact us and talk to our team. 

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