Top Residential Areas in Bahawalpur to Choose for a Peaceful Living

Bahawalpur holds a special place in the history of Pakistan for a number of reasons. The 11th largest city in Pakistan, Bahawalpur was the capital of the former state of Bahawalpur ruled by the family of Nawabs until 1955. Hence, to date, it is known as the City of Nawabs. This state was the first to join Pakistan and also supported the country socially and economically at the time of Independence.

Even today, this city holds an important place in South Punjab and a lot of famous politicians and other celebrities have born on this land who went on to represent the country on the global level. Although it is a small city, it is highly developed in terms of infrastructure and the facilities are available. Due to all these reasons, Bahawalpur remains a top choice for living among the residents of the nearby cities.

As mentioned earlier, the city is quite developed and there are a lot of popular societies where the real estate transactions occur in big number. If you are looking to buy a house for sale in Bahawalpur or invest in property in Bahawalpur, here are the top residential areas you should make your first priority.

DHA Bahawalpur

Although society is new it offers a golden chance to make the most of your investments. You can find plots for sale in DHA Bahawalpur and start constructing your home. The balloting process for the society has already been completed and the maps have been announced. This is a society where you can get the best of your investment and enjoy a luxurious life ahead. The property in DHA Bahawalpur can be found in different sizes starting from 5 Marla.

Cheema Town

Cheema Town is a popular neighborhood in Bahawalpur for a number of reasons. This is a society where you can find the best facilities in town. The area has access to the best transport facilities, markets, schools, and other amenities. What makes this area a good choice for residential purposes is its close proximity to other popular areas. Even the railway station Bahawalpur and Daewoo Express terminal are located very near to this area. Here you can find the best and modern houses for sale or rent in Cheema Town Bahawalpur at reasonable prices.

Model Town

Be it Lahore or Bahawalpur, Model Town always outshine other areas with its modernity. Talking about the best residential areas in Bahawalpur, Model Town is arguably the best one out there. There are three blocks in Model Town Bahawalpur A, B, and C; each of them being completely developed. This is a popular residential area in the city because of its highly developed infrastructure and close proximity with almost all the areas of the city. Here the houses are constructed keeping the modern needs in consideration. However, if you are looking for a house for sale or rent in Model Town Bahawalpur, the monthly rent can be a heavy stone on your pocket.

Shadman City

Shadman City is also a popular and completely developed residential area in Bahawalpur where you can find the best houses for sale at very reasonable prices. There are houses in different sizes available starting from 5 marla. What makes this society a top residential area is that it is still in its developmental phase and you can easily find a house that suits your budget. There are a few listings of houses for sale or rent in Shadman City Bahawalpur on ilaan.com and you can check them out.

Satellite Town

Last but definitely not least, we have Satellite Town Bahawalpur that is famous for a plethora of reasons. This society is considered as one of the posh areas of the city and this is the reason why the houses here have fairly higher prices. However, the price is well justified by the modern and state of the art infrastructure of society. Even for rental purposes, this area is always on the top of the list of the people. In this area, you can find all the basic and luxurious amenities of life.

If you are looking to move to Bahawalpur or want to change your location within the city, these areas are the ones you should consider. For more details, you can always visit ilaan.com and get in touch with our staff through live chat.