Rise of Gwadar - An Ideal Time to Invest in Real Estate

The sky all blue and clear, and the water waves till as far as you can see- Yes, it’s Gwadar we are talking about!

Each day, the sun shines bright on the city, reminding Pakistan yet one more time that the city is a blessing, not just for the breath-taking view of the beach but because of several other reasons too. The city is not just a treat to the eyes now for its scenic beauty, but is a great investment hub and promises a bright future in terms of business and real estate. Just a few years ago, nobody knew what to do with the city, but now the developments are taking place at a fast pace and the area is being commercialized to utilize it for trade and commerce purposes. It is planned to be made the next big port of Pakistan which will take our country’s trade to a whole new level.

The project of CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) basically fueled a wave of construction and developments in Gwadar. Although the project has not completely delivered as much as it promised, it still can be regarded as one of the fundamental triggers behind all the progress and development in Gwadar. It was not too long ago when the city was nothing but land and sea, but now housing societies, commercial activities, tourism, residential plans, sea port and the biggest airport of Pakistan are being planned and developed here. Soon enough, people looking for houses for sale or commercial properties for rent will start browsing through Gwadar as well.

It is also being said that Gwadar port will be made duty free and this free-economy zone in Pakistan will compete with Dubai. Pakistanis identified that the strategic location of Gwadar can be utilized to initiate trade with the neighboring countries, and because of the shaking repute of Karachi, we needed a new business hub and port anyway.  Since this port will provide a trade route to China, Iran and other countries, this will prove to be a great economic opportunity for Pakistan, if utilized well. There are also housing estates under development and ample places for entertainment as well. Currently, a power plant is also under construction which will be supplying 300MW of electricity to the city.

The only problem that the city is under the pressure of is lesser rainfalls. The climatic changes in Pakistan have caused a significant fall in average rainfalls on yearly basis and this can be a threat to this heaven on earth called Gwadar. Also, the fishermen at Gwadar do not seem to be quite happy about all the commercial activities going on. They fear that their fishing activity shall jeopardize as a result of all of this. The Chinese companies involved, however, promise that the livelihood of fishermen shall not be affected. They say that the same thing can take place at a grand, more commercialized scale once the industry and development has all been set up there.

If the developments keep taking place at this pace, it would not take long for Gwadar to become the trade hub not just for Pakistan but the neighboring countries as well. In just a matter of few years, the city will be able to offer houses for sale and houses for rent as well to enable a full-fledged city life here.