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Looking for a lush property at a luxurious place? Invest in Bahria Town Karachi

07 Aug 2019
Looking for a lush property at a luxurious place? Invest in Bahria Town Karachi

Looking for a lush property at a luxurious place? Invest in Bahria Town Karachi

Everyone wants to have their own home which they can call ‘home’ - a place to live your life your way with complete independence. While selecting the location for the perfect home many important factors must be considered as the value of the property, its location and the facilities available in that particular area. Along with these some other factors such as security, commercial area, presence of spacious refreshment places and ever-growing business opportunities also matter equally. Karachi may be one of the biggest metropolitan of Pakistan but not many residential places in Karachi provide all these facilities except a few such as Bahria Town Karachi.

Developed by one of Asia's largest Real Estate Developers comprised of a master-planned community i.e “Bahria Town” it is making history in the Real Estate business. Bahria Town Karachi is introducing new benchmarks of community development in Pakistan. Real Estate in Bahria Town Karachi provides outstanding lifestyle facilities. The project includes commercial plots, residential areas, Bahria Apartments, and Bahria Homes. Its top-notch infrastructure, fast-paced development will have a good impact on the property value in Bahria Town. This well planned real estate promises an outclass value, modernity, and class that no other project offers. It is a solid opportunity for those planning to invest in Real Estate Bahria Town. Having said that, houses for sale in Bahria Town Karachi boasts amazing prices and they are always on the increasing trend.

Bahria Town Karachi is situated on the Hyderabad-Karachi Super Highway, also known as the M9 Motorway. it is located near the Karachi International Airport and City Center on an area of 44160 acres.

The arrival of a mega project like Bahria Town Karachi has boosted the Real Estate business in Karachi city. It multiplied the business at least twice following its properties. The construction of the town in the vicinity of the city has also enhanced the financial activities in the area as well as creating job vacancies for all classes of people. It also has resulted in the growth of industries related to construction like cement, bricks, iron and steel making, glass making, and other related industries. The service providing companies like courier and grocery providers also have more market to expand their services.

Before Bahria Town, Karachi's residents had little or no other alternatives than the DHA Karachi, which also has its shortcomings as it has no underground wiring, is not well planned, and has not as many parks and playgrounds. Bahria Town has readily overshadowed its primary competitor in Real Estate, DHA Karachi, with world-class amenities and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Following the launch of Bahria Karachi, a huge number of Karachiites have booked or applied for plots in the most structured and well-planned community throughout the town, mostly with a middle-class background.

Instead of sticking to the fundamental infrastructure, Bahria Town provides some very sophisticated characteristics such as its own power generation, which implies citizens can enjoy uninterrupted electricity supply, fully functional sewage system, underground cables, 24/7 security service, hospitals, parks, and much more. Due to all these basic reasons, a house for sale in Bahria Town Karachi is always a hot property.

Furthermore, the arrival of Bahria Town Karachi has provided the solution to a shortage of residential areas in the city as the mega project has thousands of homes ranging from very small luxury villas to bungalows and penthouses. Whether you are an investor, broker, or have to build your own beautiful home it is equally the best fit for all. Even, it gives a thriving opportunity for businesses to have an outstanding office as lucrative properties are available here. You can go for any Property for Sale or Rent in Bahria Town Karachi as ample options are available here with the advantage of no fear of loss.

Considering all these factors one can easily declare Bahria Town the best residential and commercial place enclosing everything that anyone can ever imagine having. The Property in Bahria Town Karachi has a high value that suspects at increasing diminishing chances of loss. It is a small state on its own containing many national and international brands. international standard hospitals and schools.

If you are looking to buy a house for sale in Bahria Town Karachi, is the right solution for you. Having a detailed look at the Property for Sale and Rent in Bahria Town Karachi we find that various sizes in the Residential Plots are available. Some are given below:

• 125 sq yards plots to build a sweet small home
• 250 sq yards plots ideal for a lush small property
• 500 sq yards Plots
• 1000 sq yards plots
• 2000 sq yards plots for an ideal villa

Apart from houses and apartments, villas of various sizes at appropriate prices are also available including 125 sq yd, 200 sq yd, 350 sq yd in Bahria Town Karachi.

Many Residential and Commercial Projects have been completed and some are in the process of offering outclass facilities. A few of them are:

• Bahria Paradise Karachi
• Bahria Sports City
• Bahria Golf City
• Bahria Apartments Karachi
• Bahria Heights Karachi
• Bahria Theme Park Commercial
• Jinnah Avenue Commercial
• Hoshang Pearl Karachi by Bahria Town

• Bahria Villas Karachi
• Bahria Homes Karachi
• Bahria Hills
• Bahria Liberty Commercial
• Bahria Overseas block
• Ali Block
• Omer Block
• Valley Block Bahria Town Karachi

There are up to 59 Precincts available in Bahria Town Karachi which can be divided into the following projects

● Old Bahria town Karachi Precinct 1 to 33
● Bahria Sports city Precinct 34 to 45
● Bahria Paradise Precinct 46 to 59
● Bahria Golf city Precinct 20
● Ali Block Plots Precinct 12

Precincts 1-15 can be grouped into a single category that already provides ownership or is about to give ownership in the near future. Ownership will be explicitly accessible in Precincts 1, 5, 6, 7, and 8, and that will soon be accessible in other remaining precincts.

Having a look at the Best Precincts in Bahria Town Karachi for Investment

● Precinct 12 Ali Block Bahria Town Karachi

Because of its locality, Ali Block is the finest Precinct at 125 Yard. Possession has already been given here and housing construction is going on. It is located on Main Jinnah Avenue, at a 5-minute drive from the Main Gate, Facing Grand Mosque & Bahria Heights.

There were 3 million (3,000,000) bookings here. Now, after five years of the initiative when its actions for building and development are at their peak, it gives an optimum option to invest in. You can easily buy a property in Bahria Town Karachi at the lowest budget of 35 lacs to 55 lacs and as high as you can imagine.

Drop-in prices have also been observed in some places. Six months ago, Ali Blocks' minimum cost was not below 45 and a maximum of 70 lacs.

● Precinct 47 Bahria Paradise Karachi

Precinct 47 is the best short-term investment in Bahria Town Karachi in 250 Yards on partial installments, gained profit was completely reduced as at the launch of Bahria Paradise P47 overall plot was over 20 own lacs. Now that P47 is fully developed and ready for ownership after 1.5 years of growth, the rate of general good location plot is about 10 lacs.

 ● Bahria Paradise Karachi.

When the market boosts, these precincts will first regain the lost values and then the prices will be enhanced by advancement, as P47 is prepared for ownership and is the best investment in Bahria town Karachi, it is on the primary entrance to Paradise and fully developed, for ownership. Heard from some sources that Bahria is planning to create its interchange from the primary door to P47 into a distinct corridor. The range will be reduced from 4 minutes to 1 minute.

Both are next to the Grand Mosque, Park Theme & Night Safari Day. When Grand Mosque Theme Park is operational as it is on completion, prices will rise and be out of reach, and if P47 has been announced it will be gold. Approximately 3 times the present rate.

The price of P23, P24, P25, P25-A & P26-A also fell below 2.5 million (25 lacs) as the unballot reservation was 1,725,000.

It's the greatest low-investor chance that you can avail right now for maximum advantage in the future.

Bahria Town Karachi's real estate market is booming nowadays and in a very short span of time, it got wide acceptance among investors following its prospective growth value. One of the primary factors behind it is its extraordinary development-related activities that have become the value of Bahria Town Brand. No real-estate project in the past has shown such massive growth and versatility in Pakistan. Approximately 35,000 workers are employed to guarantee that construction will be finished as scheduled. Bahria Town, Pakistan' stop management focuses primarily on Karachi as they see it as their most significant project. Billions have already invested in this project that demonstrates the significance of this project for Mr. Malik Riaz and Bahria Town Pakistans Management.

Those who made their reservation in 2014 in Bahria Town Karachi have now increased their investments. The 250 square yards (10 marlas) plot in Precinct1 previously booked at 48 lacs, its present value is in between 90-100 lacs which is an enormous appreciation given the condition of Pakistans real estate market over the past two years. Bahria Town Karachi's actual property market is generally likened to DHA Karachi's market. If the comparison is made between Bahria Town Karachi and DHA Karachi, a nice place of 250 square yard plot in stage 8 of DHA Karachi is still between 250-300 lacs and, on the other side, a nice place plot in Bahria Town Karachi can be purchased for 80 lacs or a maximum of 90 lacs. Although it should be remembered that the owner is only granted in the original precincts by the management of Bahria Town and prices will be further improved once the operations linked to the building are carried out.

As there are almost 59 precincts, the majority of the investors convinced to buy Real Estate in Bahria Town Karachi got confused at which precincts is a better option for safe investment. If you are looking for a favorable option, it is probably good to invest in those precincts where the property purchase rate is relatively slower as the prices in the initial precincts have been increased. The most suitable area in Bahria Town Karachi where the investments will generate better returns in the near future is Bahria Sports City Karachi. Here, 10 marla plots were launched for 36 lacs and a good location plot still can be bought between 7-8 lacs. The installment plan is also available in the project.

It is suggested to purchase the excellent location plots at any place of your choice, but it is highly recommended to purchase in Bahria Sports City particularly 1000 square yards (2 Kanal). The primary reason behind it is that in Bahria Town Karachi there 1000 sq yds are not available at a very large scale here but their demand still persists. Those who can't wait to buy a luxurious small apartment here should go for Bahria Heights. It contains small houses with 2 beds. You can estimate a budget of 75 lacs to invest here initially. Whereas, the market analysts say that the cost of Bahria Heights will boost from 100 lacs to 120 lacs shortly after the initial stage. However, you can buy any size of the plot at excellent locations in Bahria Town Karachi that will eventually offer you a handsome return on investment in a while.

Rapid growth is in progress in Bahria Town Karachi Projects as Bahria has started granting ownership. The work on big projects like the Grand Mosque, Theme Park, Day & Night Safari has almost been done. Further, the cricket stadium construction is going on and the management expects that soon it will become operational. These landmarks will have a real effect on the market in Bahria Town Karachi. Time is ripe for investing in Real Estate in Bahria Town Karachi, so what are you waiting for?! Just gear up yourself and start exploring your favorite locality here. Pro tip: buy a premade house for rent in Bahria Town Karachi and prepare your move right away.

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