House Sizes in Johar Town Lahore - Which One is Suitable for Your Family?

Buying or constructing a home is a dream of many people but within the completion of this dream, lies a big confusion for which finding the answer is mandatory. We have covered that in a separate blog which you can read here: Buy or Build a House – The Mystery Resolved.

Once you have made up your mind; which we believe that you would go for a house for sale, it is now time to choose the area. Our recommendation to you; if you are in Lahore, would be Johar Town. Johar Town Lahore is one of the best neighborhoods in the city that enjoys a lot of features. So, as of now, you are going to a house and the area is decided as well. What about the house sizes?

Here we will give you a guide of the house sizes you can find in Johar Town Lahore depending on your family requirements and budget limitations.

3 Marla House in Johar Town Lahore

There are a lot of 3 marla houses for sale in Johar Town Lahore that is available at very reasonable prices. The architecture of 3 marla houses for sale in Johar Town Lahore is quite attractive and they are built spacious enough to accommodate a family of 4 to 5people. Coming to the price factor; in the last couple of years, the search trends suggest an increase in demand for 3 marla and shorter houses for sale. Even for investment purposes, these houses gain a good monthly rental value.

5 Marla House in Johar Town Lahore

If you have a comparatively larger budget, you can go for a 5 marla house for sale in Johar Town Lahore. 5 marla is a sufficient space to accommodate a family of 5-6 members easily. Moreover, these houses can also have a car porch that allows you to keep your vehicle secured without leaving it open for thefts. The rooms are quite spacious and may have some woodwork done as well such as cupboards and shelfs. The 5 marla houses for sale in Johar Town come at an affordable price. You can find new and old 5 marla houses at varying rates.

10 Marla House in Johar Town Lahore

For large families, there are 10 marla houses for sale in Johar Town that can cater to the requirements easily. These come in different numbers of beds and baths. The added advantage of 10 marla houses is that the parking space is quite big and there can be a small lawn as well where you can grow plants or make a concrete floor for its better utilization. The prices of these homes differ depending on a lot of factors. The ideal blocks for these homes are J3, G1, and surrounding blocks.

1 Kanal House in Johar Town Lahore

Last but not least there are houses of one kanal or more in Johar Town that are counted in luxury properties. These properties are expensive but boast a lot of features that add value to your living experience. There are multiple property listings available on ilaan.com where you can find one kanal houses for sale in Johar Town Lahore.