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9 Reasons why Houses for Sale in DHA Lahore are Better than Other Areas!

25 Jan 2019
9 Reasons why Houses for Sale in DHA Lahore are Better than Other Areas!

Buying a house is one of the most critical decisions in life. In most of the cases, it is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of a decision, because of course, you do not change your houses like you change your clothes.

Therefore, there are several aspects taken into consideration when looking for a house for sale. This search involves so many things that make the decision all the more difficult. In comparison to other areas, DHA Lahore is sure a promising area to live in. The prices for plots for sale in DHA Lahore has increased over the past few years since there is a high demand for it that can be seen in the market. The houses for sale in DHA Lahore have a lot of reasons to attract your attention and convince you to choose them over other houses or other areas. Within these numerous reasons, the following are the most basic and most definite 12 reasons that we have shortlisted for you to see how houses for sale in DHA Lahore are far better.

Modern Architecture

The highlight of houses in DHA is their modern architecture. The beautiful fronts and the artistic arches used can give them a look of a cute dollhouse or a grand royal castle that gives a Mughal feel. Yes, these houses are all aesthetically built and that is exactly what makes them distinct from other choices. The beautiful architecture has attracted a lot of people who don’t want just a secure and safe community but want to live in beautiful houses surrounded by lush green scenery. The majority of the investors have bought real estate in DHA Lahore due to this very reason.

High-Quality Construction Material Used

Since the house is something that is bought once in a lifetime and is then passed on to generations after generations, this is one investment where you, of course, do not want to make a decision that you would regret later. The simple rule of invest-once-and-invest-better seems to be made for the houses for sale in DHA Lahore, as these houses are built using high-quality construction material. The quality and durability are the major preferences for the builders as well as owners here. Hence this is one area where you can be confident about the quality and reliability of the house you buy.

Wide and Spacious

The city life is becoming more and more congested but people who have seen DHA Lahore know most of the houses for sale in DHA Lahore wonderfully and obviously wide and spacious even to look at from a distance? House owners have shown their interest to buy property in DHA Lahore as just Just passing through the streets and roads outside them makes it obvious how spaciously these houses have been built. It is extremely important for the house you purchase to be comfortable and spacious. It must have space for you to accommodate all your basic needs. These houses provide you enough space to park your cars, hold your events within your houses and do whatever you want with the wide spaces you have.

Green Lawns

Greenery is important. It should be one of your top priorities to look for when you start your search for a house for sale. Most of the houses for sale in DHA Lahore, especially the ones that are of 1 Kanal or bigger than that, have lawns inside. There should be a specified area in every house, even if it is a small one, for some basic level plantation. It is not only good for health but adds to the beauty of your house as well.

The Lights

In addition to great architecture, the lights are also widely used while building houses in DHA. These lights add further to the beauty and look of the houses. From the LED ones inside the roof, fall ceilings, and into the wall arches to the colored lights installed in the front porches, this literally is displayed as art! It might sound basic, but you have to accept that the lights really add in a reason to buy these houses.

Planned Approach

We all experience a few shortcomings when we shift to a new house. Some people suffer from the shortage of parking space, while others complain of the servant quarters. One way or the other, we all do feel some lacking in the new living spaces and require us some time to get adjusted to those shortcomings. The best thing about the houses in DHA is the planned approach with which they have been built. They have been built from an insider’s perspective i.e. how a resident- a person living in it would want it. There are separate washing areas, specified parking space, balconies outside the rooms on upper stories, the back porches, the servant quarters, and each and every aspect has been built to facilitate the residents.

Better Security

Now, who isn’t aware of the smart security measures in DHA Lahore. With the increasing rates of street crimes and security threats, this is one area that is still better than other areas in Lahore. If you want a peaceful life with your families, go look for houses for sale in DHA Lahore.

Flawless Electricity, Water, and Sui Gas Supply

There are several new housing societies that are offering really low rates in residential and commercial properties. Remember, do not become a victim of false marketing. These housing societies offer lower rates for a reason. Once you buy a house in these societies, you will come to know a thousand reasons for those lower rates, like no gas supply, poor electricity wires used which create voltage problems every other day, no UPS connection and whatnot. These problems are not there in DHA. This is one society that has maintained its quality standards over the years and continues to satisfy its older and new residents.

A Great Neighborhood

Most of all, living peacefully requires a good neighborhood. No matter how beautiful or comfortable house you have, you will still need a good neighborhood to live a peaceful life. This includes reputable families living around, environmental cleanliness, and a disciplined lifestyle, and DHA Lahore has it all.

So, are you still wondering? No, right? These reasons are enough to elaborate on what makes houses for sale in DHA Lahore a lot better than the ones in other areas. So, if you are looking for an ideal house to live in with your family, make sure you make a wise choice, and this wise choice can be DHA Lahore. Look at all the perks you get with these houses that will make you appreciate your decision for every day to come in your life.

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