'Meet & Greet' event at Iqbal Town, Lahore

(Lahore – June 2019) ilaan.com conducted a 'Meet & Greet Session' with the real estate agents of Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore on the 20th and it turned out to be a very interactive session for everyone. The event was organized on Thursday at the Xiwang restaurant in Iqbal Town. Whole purpose of the meet-up was to introduce the dealers to ilaan.com. The real estate association of Iqbal Town that were a part of the event included the likes of Abid Bhatti (Chairman), Ashraf Bhatti (President), Sadaqat Azeem (Finance Secretary), Imran Mushtaq, Mian Shahid Munir, Ibtisam Sb, Tabassum Bukhari, Shaukat Jutt and Babar Gujar. These agents, although well-aware of the portal, got more information about the features ilaan.com was offering to them. Later, all the participants were offered refreshments in good spirit.

It is to be noted that ilaan.com is an accomplished, feature-rich portal of real-estate that through the use of modern technology gives best opportunities to both buyers and sellers in regard to the properties of their interest.