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What and where to eat in Karachi

01 Mar 2021
What and where to eat in Karachi

What and where to eat in Karachi

As being one of the busiest cities of Pakistan, Karachi generates most of the return for Pakistan and possesses high value in the history of Pakistan. A city of sea, Karachi is known for its mesmerizing beach and other major attractions. People from all over come here to explore city life at least once in their lives.

Karachi and its markets are always crowded and people are always looking for better choices. Karachiite and their passion for shopping and food are never seen anywhere else in the world. Be it a food item, clothing style, fabric type, or traditional objects, you will find almost everything in Karachi. 

For people coming out of the country or any other part of Pakistan, shopping and eating in Karachi will be a fascinating adventure. The few most recommended and admired dishes of Karachi to satisfy your hunger with amazing, cheap, and highly delicious food are discussed below.

Bun Kebab

Bun Kebab is one of the most popular and easy on pocket food items of Karachi. When we talk about the best products of Karachi street food, Bun Kebab just wins the race and is known as the king of street food. When the next time you go for Bun Kebab does not forget to ask for “Aalu Wala Bun Kebab”. This food item has its own fan following and the taste is unbeatable by any other fast food product. You can get an amazing Bun Kebab at Hanif Super Biryani and Bun Kebab located in Outram Road, Pakistan Chowk in Karachi. 

Peshawari Chappal Kabab 

Chappal Kabab's are the symbol of Pakhtoon dish and you just cannot resist eating them at any time of the year. Made of beef and tomatoes, these Kebabs are still unbeatable by any other dish ever introduced. This dish has its own fan following. You can try these amazing Chappal Kabab in Natha Khan, Shah Faisal Colony No 1, Karachi, Pakistan.


If you are coming to Karachi for the first time, you would not want to miss Noorani restaurant. This restaurant offers the best Kata-Kat at exclusive prices. The taste is unmatchable from the rest of the Kata-Kat’s available in the market. They prepare food following best measures and also keep the environment clean too. 

Kata Kat is made by different parts of the meat including brains, kidneys, and Kapooras. You can get them in different flavors too. To enjoy them the most, you are suggested to order Kata Kat in Butter flavor. 

Get Kata Kat here: Noorani Kabab House

 Address: Main Shahra-e-Quaideen, Khalid Bin Waleed Road, PECHS, Karachi, Pakistan

 Open Hours: 6 pm onwards

 Price: Rs. 440 for Kata Kat with butter

Chicken Chutney Rolls 

If you are craving some spicy rolls and cannot find the best place to satisfy your hunger then we have the best solution for you. The best spot to satisfy your cravings for spicy chicken chutney rolls is Hot n Spicy! This place is your one-stop eating spot and allows you to satisfy your appetite at the best prices. 

If you are running short on budget and make the most value of your money, this place is all you need. The different flavors make this place highly appreciated by people. 

Get the best spicy chutney rolls here: Hot n Spicy

Khayaban-e-Rahat, DHA Phase 6, Karachi, Pakistan

 Price: Rs. 100 each

Mutka Kulfi 

We all have heard that when nothing goes right, go for a dessert!  

How can we forget to mention the best dessert of Karachi along with all other amazing food items? After satisfying your appetite with all these desi dishes it is time to complete the Sunnah of eating a dessert and to go for the famous Mutka Kulfi. This chilled dessert would give you soothing relaxation. 

This Kulfi (made of milk, khoya, and nuts) is served in potters. They are chilled and their texture looks like ice cream. You can get them at very reasonable prices. 

Get famous Mutka Kulfi here: A stall Right next to Delhi Rabri House

 Price: Rs. 50 each.

If you want to buy a shop in Karachi to set up your own food business, then can help you with it.

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